Friday, November 19, 2010

Early Christmas

A couple of days ago Craig and I went into Winnipeg, had a great lunch with Jillian, Cheryl, Kim and baby Allie.  After that we went shopping for our early Christmas present to each other, Craig bought some new pedals for his guitar and some cables.  We headed over to Don's Photo from there and all I have to say is 'kid in a candy store.'  I must of been very good this past year as Santa bought me a new lens for the Nikon.  A 50-500mm, F4.5-6.3 Sigma ended up in my hands along with a battery grip.  From there Hannah and Blitz had an appointment to donate blood.  It is one of the last times that Hannah will donate as she will be 10 next year, so maybe one or two more times.  As for Blitz it was his first time and his momma was so proud of him as he didn't move an inch when he donated.  After that we met our friends Sandy and Keith for dinner and then drove back to Lac du Bonnet.

Haven't had too much time to use the new lens as it has been storming here plus we went into the city again yesterday for an appointment for the Edge, some more shopping and to meet The Finches for dinner.  Craig drove back to his mom and dad's last night in the storm but we made it here safe and sound.  Again, we were up late playing cards with Craig's mom, his dad is the only sane one and went to bed at a decent time.

Today was a day of relaxing, never got up until 9am which if anyone knows me it is kinda unusual for me so I must of been tired.  Did get a couple of pics with the new lens, through the front window as it was still nasty out today.  Hope the roads are good tomorrow as we are again heading to the city for the day to spend some time with The Medwids and of course do some more shopping.  Sunday we return to Winnipeg as Craig's sister is hosting an early Christmas dinner with the LeBleus, can't wait to see everyone. Hmmm turkey!

While I write this Craig is getting a little family history as his parents are going through an old family book.  Will probably make some guacamole for a snack tonight as we need one when we play games. Oh yeah, a couple of pictures tonight of the bay area, a blue jay and a cute little squirrel.

Talk soon!

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