Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring

It may be the first day of spring but it sure doesn't feel like that outside with temperatures sitting at close to -30'c and a windchill of -45'c.  We experienced another blizzard last week and it was a good one, at times I could hardly see the house across the street.  We didn't have had any snow on our deck but due to the wind direction we had so much snow that it cover two of our windows, so yesterday Craig dressed warm and started to clear some of that snow.

Here's a bit of a video of the blizzard

This was the view or should I say lack of view from our 
windows in the living room

Blitz was the foreman and watched Craig from inside

Making sure he's doing a good job

So much snow - Craig said at least 7 feet of it

Miss Molly enjoying the first day of spring

There is so much snow on the bay that we couldn't see any of that gorgeous blue ice this year.  Lucky for us the road was cleared to the bridge and on the other side was a large patch of it.  Kinda like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so of course we had to get some pictures again this year. 

Blitz and Molly

Me and the dogs with Cambridge Bay in the background
Picture curiosity of Craig

Every year Blitz and I get a different pic of our feet and the blue ice
The orange hockey ball doesn't look real

Before the blizzard came in on Tuesday I was asked to check on a puppy that was walking 'funny'.  So off I went and to make a long story short the owners surrendered her to Northern Canine Rescue (the re-vamped rescue I am involved with) and she was our foster for a few days.  Her and Blitz had a great time and as usual he was so depressed after she left.  She finally flew out of here on Saturday to Yellowknife where she will spend a few days there before she flies to a rescue in Calgary.  I hope the vets can fix her front legs and that she finds a loving home. 

Best friends

Molly had to remind the little one who was the boss and Blitz
had to make sure she was ok - she wasn't harmed, just her feelings

All of forgiven - later on they slept together

So adorable
You can see how her front legs are

Here's a video of her and Blitz playing

Poor Blitzy Boy
So depressed after she left.

A week from today we will arrive in our Southern Home and will be happy to get our bones and soul warmed up.  I don't think we have much planned just some relaxing and exploring more of the area. 

Talk soon!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It's Been A While...

Our sun rose on January 11th after being down for about 6 weeks and today it rose at 7:21am and will be setting at 5:04pm.  We had some very cold wind chills reaching close to -60'c and a couple of blizzards this year with the last one being Valentine's Day so my date for the evening was Molly & Blitz as Craig spent the night at the DEW Line.  Speaking of Valentine's Day it is also the Westminster Dog Show and while watching them announce the Best in Show I was pouring myself some tea...wasn't paying attention and hot water ended up on my hand instead of in my tea cup.  Thankfully it was not as bad as it could of been and the skin is still healing.  Both Craig and I have also been getting over a two week flu/cold but we all know that Craig's was way worse than mine..the dreaded MAN COLD!  I think he thought he was dying at one point and I actually should of sent him to his mom. haha

I was asked to photograph a new business in town and was happy to do it.  It's a multi-function business; The Ublu Inn has a warm feel to it and each room has their own kitchenette, sitting area and of course the bedroom with a work station. Now if I remember this correctly Ublu means nest and it is so fitting for the Inn.  About a week later they asked me to return to photograph Kuugaq Cafe,  this funky cafe has places for you to relax on couches, arm chairs or the traditional table and chairs.  It is also the first place to have fountain drinks in town.  How exciting is that?  If you look closely at the pictures in the Inn they may look familiar as they are mine, which I am very excited about. 

Looking in from the front door

The sitting area

Work area

The bedroom

Looking in the cafe from the front door

View of one side of the cafe

Great area to sit and have a coffee

Looking into the kitchen area

I worked on my photography page on Facebook for a few weeks organizing all the photos into albums to make it easier for people to look at them and hopefully to order a print if they so desire.  I am happy with the outcome and now I am working on brochures and flyers to promote my photography business.  Since winters up here are quiet we are entering into the busy season of graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and any other special family occasion.  I have also purchased some new overlays, digital backdrops and presets and the dogs have been my models.  Not sure if they are happy with it but they sure know what's going on when the camera comes out and I am sure having a lot of fun with them. 

If you remember back in December I photographed baby Gavin for his first birthday, I also photographed him mom when she was pregnant with him and last weekend I photographed him at 6 months old.  He is a happy little man and was very happy to take more pictures of him.  It was a bittersweet day as it was my last day to photograph him in Cambridge Bay as the family is moving.  Hopefully we can connect again in Yellowknife if I am there for a day or two. 

We had some amazing Aurora Borealis again and Craig and I drove out to see and photograph them.  He never wants to go but once he is out there he always says he was glad he came. Here's some pictures of what has happened the past couple of months. 

Our first day of sun

I always brought Hannah with me to watch the sun rise over the 
horizon and now a days Blitz comes along for the ride.

Northern Lights over Cambridge Bay

Here's some of the overlays, digital background, presets and some editing techniques that I have been learning and practicing with.

A new effect that I love

Here's Blitz's portrait with the same effect

Now some fun with overlays - rose petals


Some pink petal overlays

This one has two different overlays and I really 
love the big heart balloon


The sun is finally rising high enough over the horizon
that we get sunbeams and the dogs are really enjoying it.

The following are little Gavin's 6 month pictures.  His mom wanted a vintage/retro feel to the pictures and I am so pleased that both her and his dad love the pictures.

Here's a couple of the 5 x 7 brochures that I have been working on.

Well I think that's about it for now.  We will be leaving Cambridge Bay to spend some time in our Southern Home and are looking forward to some R & R.  Our friends Bernie and Al that used to live here, now living in Iqaluit will be down there and can't wait to see them, Norma,  Debbie & Art and our southern friends. 

Talk soon!