Monday, April 30, 2012

The Blitz arrives in Manitoba

After only 3 hours of sleep on Thursday night we headed to the Edmonton International Airport to  check in.  We always fly West Jet with the dogs from Edmonton as there are too many restrictions with Air Canada plus West Jet is fabulous when traveling with animals.  The thing that has changed with West Jet that I really love is that they actually give you a receipt stating that they have loaded your animal onto the plane.  The flight attendant gives this to you before take off while you are getting settled.

We arrived in Winnipeg on Friday morning and our friend Keith met Blitz and I at the airport so that I could go and pick up the rental vehicle.  I then met him and Blitz back at his house where their dog Lexie and Blitz played before we headed back on the road to Carman to see Granny.

I was very tired when I arrived in Carman but wanted to stay up as I knew if I slept in the afternoon I would be up in the middle of the night.  Mom went to her weekly Bingo nite with her lady friends while Blitz and I relaxed and watched some TV.  Saturday in Carman was a beautiful day with +19'c weather.  We first met my childhood friend Angie and her kids for lunch, it is always great to see her.  Our friendship has really never changed over these past 30 some odd years, I guess that is what true friends are, someone who is there for you and someone who just feels like 'home'.

From there Mom and I brought her cat Smokey to the vet for his annual check up. We brought separate vehicles as I needed to take Blitz out for a run.  We headed to Carman's river diversion, our favorite place to go for a walk/run in Carman.  Blitz and I played ball, hunted gophers and pointed at birds.  Tons of fun on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Manitoba.

Sunday we headed back into Winnipeg to meet Sandy and Trish for lunch and a bit of shopping.  For dinner we headed over to the Coulters where we ordered in.  Both visits were great and I can't believe how big our nephews are getting, yes Spencer is now taller than his auntie Denise.  The boys sure tired out Blitz as he not only slept all the way to Lac du Bonnet but also crashed when we arrived and never moved until 8 this morning.  We drove in the rain and I came close to having rabbit stew for dinner...twice.

Today Mom, Blitz and I will head into town to do some grocery shopping and from there who knows what Blitz and I will do but I am thinking it has something to do with a bright orange hockey ball.

All of the pictures are of Blitz having some fun in Carman.

Talk soon!

All four off the ground
I got the ball!
Body going one direction, ears in another, mouth and tongue opposite
Look at the length of that tongue
One VERY happy Shorthair

Thursday, April 26, 2012

And the adventure begins...

Blitz and I left Cambridge Bay around 12:30pm and we decided to take the long way around to Edmonton, you know the Milk Run.  I thought I would check out the east before heading west.  Here's how our day went.  From home we flew to Gjoa Haven but the visiblilty at the time was no good so there would be no landing at this time.  We then proceeded to go to Taloyoak which we landed safely. The guys had to unload the plane which took longer as they had to move the cargo for Gjoa Haven to get to their cargo/supplies.  Back on the plane I go and it just seemed like we got into the air and we were landing again...yes you guessed it Gjoa Haven.  Skies cleared for landing and thankfully it was a short visit.  Off to Yellowknife we go and now I am getting a little worried as we are running late.  Made it Yellowknife with no time to spare, plane was already loaded and myself and Blitz had to go through security.  Poor Blitzy as I was hoping I could let him out for a pee when we arrived in YK but no way was security going to let me out of their sight. 

So after 9 hours of travelling we are now in Edmonton and one more bathroom break for the boy and off to bed we go as we have an early flight to Manitoba.  I will spend the day to do a bit of shopping and then it's off to my mom's in Carman until Sunday.  We will be in Lac du Bonnet with Craig's parents for a week after that.  Next posting will probably be Monday.

Today's pictures are all of Blitz getting ready to go and crashing in the hotel. 

Talk soon!

Not sure what made him climb on the Action Packer then onto his kennel.  I guess he didn't want me to leave without him.
Then he thought he would make himself comfortable.
Then REALLY comfortable...never a dull moment with the Blitz around.
Ok now this is the spot

Good Nite All...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dease Strait Ice Road

The ice road opened a little over a week ago heading to the mainland and is primarily used for bringing supplies back and forth to Hope Bay Mine.  So yesterday after work Marg, Wayne, Craig, myself and the Shorthairs decided to make the hike over.  We decided to take two vehicles just in case we run into trouble and we left CamBay about 6:15pm.  After 2 hours of driving we arrived at the mainland, the road was smooth in some areas but very bumpy and rough in others.  We spent a bit of time there taking pictures and I played ball with the Shorthairs as the others took a walk up the hill.  The sun was setting and we knew it would be another couple of hours back to CamBay so off we went again.  The only wildlife we seen was on the way back was a couple of Ptarmagans playing chicken with Wayne while he was driving.  No worries, Wayne did not hit them but he said he ruffled a bit of tail feathers.  We arrived back home around 10:30pm and our bodies a bit sore from all of the bumps on the road.  It was a fun evening and a great experience, how many people can say they drove Dease Strait?

Talk soon!

The beginning of the ice road
Marg and Wayne leading the way
Traffic jam in the middle of nowhere
Land Ho
Main land
Another view
Close up view
Snow train
Craig and the Shorthairs

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hawaii Comes to CamBay

That's right you read it correctly, Hawaii came to the North last night.  The Local Elks held a dinner and dance last night and the theme was Hawaiian Luau.  Chef Andy and the students from the Nunavut Arctic College prepared a wonderful meal of roasted pig with all of the fixings.  Throughout the evening there were 50/50 draws and once they reached the $500.00 mark they would draw someone's number.  Our table won 4 times out of 7, not bad odds and yes Craig and I were one of the winners.  The Elks donated their winnings to the Walk for a Cure. 

I also attended another Saturday Market this weekend with my pictures and I sold 9 pieces.  I was unsure if I was going or not as I am still under the weather a bit with this bronchitis.  I am glad that I went as I got to see some people that I haven't talked to in a while.

Speaking of pictures, I bought a used lens this past week a 70-300mm and the dog pictures from today are with the new lens.  I was also pleased when one of my pictures was picked to be part of the 'cover art' on a group that I belong to on Facebook;  Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography.  I won the wildlife category with a picture of one of my Arctic foxes.  I have included that picture tonight along with some pics from last night and today.

Today we headed out with the dogs for an afternoon of playing ball and running.  The house is very quiet tonight as everyone, including Craig, is napping. 

Talk soon!

 Chef Andy and the students
Vicki and Craig at the Arctiki Shooter Bar
Vicki being a....monkey
 Marg and myself with our winnings
One happy Labrador
Molly having some fun in the deep snow
Blitz running hard - check out those ears!
Snow covered face Molly
A bit of frozen spit on his face - YUK!
Hannah after her day out
Blitz under the blankets - got a little chilled today
My family (missing is Mocha)
Two BFFs sharing some cat grass
The cover art from Nature, Wildlife & Pet Photography page

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Walk for a Cure

We attended an evening fundraiser last night here in the Bay, Women in Action Steps of Hope fundraising campaign benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation.  For $5.00 you received a door prize ticket, your choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, a homemade delicious treat and an evening of music and fun.

In honour of the women who are dealing with cancer or have lost their life to this disease I thought I'd blog in pink. 

Our friend Angela organized this event and as per usual she did an amazing job with the help of some dedicated volunteers.  Latitude 69, the band Craig plays in donated their time for the evening.  Many people in the community baked their favorite dessert for the event and Angela made these fantastic posters, don't know where she finds the time to do everything. The event raised over $5500.00 last night with some amazing door, silent auction and toonie prizes.  Not bad for a small community of 1600 people.  

There is a group of ladies that are walking from Bay Chimo to Cambridge Bay to help raise money.  They will leave the beginning of May and hoping to return to Cambridge Bay mid-May.  I believe the distance is approx. 200kms,  I wish them a safe journey. 

Talk soon!   

 Latitude 69 and Angela
 Our MC for the evening, Vicki, who does an amazing job ever time
 Kate and Norma, volunteers who looked after the front door, nice job ladies.

 A cutie pie who won a door prize
 The Easter Bunnies were in attendance
 Sheila and Donna selling tickets, Donna is one of the walkers
 Six tables of prizes!
 So many prizes and not enough tickets
 Volunteers serving homemade desserts
 Amazing Pink Ribbon desserts
 Delicious cheesecakes dressed with a pink ribbon
Our first dancers, The Buchans
 Enjoying the music
 Amanda joining in singing with Craig
 From left to right, Terry, Aaron and Ryan. 
 Gary, the drummer of Latitude 69
 People enjoying the evening
 Full house
The poster where people could write someone's name on a heart