Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blitz's New Foster Puppy

As you all may know I am involved with the canine rescue group up here called Diamonds in the Ruff and after work today a couple of friends (Bernie and Joan) met me at one of my neighbours to pick up three puppies.  These puppies are only 4 weeks old and needed to vacate where they were.  Whenever we visit Bernie and Al's home we are likely to find a couple of fosters living with them along with their own dog.  Today was no exception, besides the three we rescued today they also have another puppy plus dog sitting for a friend.  They seemed a bit over loaded so I agreed to take the boy puppy until we can fly them out, hopefully in a couple of days. So now our home has 4 dogs and one cat.

My boy Blitz never ceases to amaze me of what a great dog he is with puppies.  He was so excited to find out that I brought home another puppy he just couldn't contain himself.  He protected this little guy, who we have named Bob, right from the get go.  Molly on the other hand has her nose out of joint, she is usually pretty good with puppies but this one is much younger than any other I have brought home and she seems completely not interested.  Hannah and Mocha (the cat) really don't seem to care about the puppy.
Below are some pictures of Blitz and his new foster puppy.
This is what Bob did for the first couple of hours

So cute!

I guess Blitz figured he might as well join Bob in a nap
Blitz finally got his way and woke the little guy up

Potty break after waking up, then dinner time, then potty break again
Play time again!

Both have their paws stretched out to each other

"Happiness is a warm puppy"
If Blitz is the same as with other puppies he will be a very sad dog when this one goes.  He gets very depressed when a foster leaves, it's like he takes it personal.  As I sit here at my computer desk they are still sleeping side by side but every time Bob makes a noise Blitz opens one eye making sure he is fine.  Tonight I leave you with this:
"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." - Gene Hill
Talk soon!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Land of the Midnight Sun

I started a tradition my first year living up here and one that I always am excited about but suffer the next day.  Molly and I (plus I drag Craig along as the driver) head out to take pictures of the first day of 24 hour day light.  For us it was last night, May 22, 2012, or should I say this morning? At midnight the three of us jumped in the truck and headed towards the Midnight Sun. I really love the lighting up here during spring and again in the fall.  The colours are amazing against the snow covered ground and the skies range from pink, purple and blue.  We arrived back home around 1am but I was up for another hour or so as like I said in the beginning, very excited to see the pictures.  I think if I didn't get one good shot I would be heading out again, with or without Craig.  Lucky for me my model was amazing and I got in some shots of her.  I did suffer at work today and was glad we weren't that busy.  The following are some of the pictures from last night.
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut May 22, 2013 at 12:30am

Miss Molly - May 22, 2013 at 12:43am

One of our grave yards - May 22, 2013 at 12:20am

Miss Molly looking towards Mt. Pelly - May 22, 2013 at 12:41am

May 22, 2013 at 12:16am - Loran Tower located across the bay was built in 1947/48 and is 189m or 620 ft tall.  It is a 4 sided beacon with each side being 59ft.

The edge of town on May 22, 2013 at 12:06am - First picture of the night

Miss Molly in front of Fresh Water Creek Bridge which is located on the southeast side of town and leads to Mt. Pelly and the graveyard. Taken at 12:18am

Taken May 22 ,2013 at 12:42am

Fresh Water Creek Bridge and the graveyard on your right at 12:15am
The snow is melting and the temperatures are getting warmer, before we know it we will be on our quads heading out to catch the big one. On most homes the snow has melted off the metal roof tops but there are still a few where icicles have formed and to tell you the truth there is nothing like Arctic icicles. 
These are just outside my office window - thankfully the door is on the other side.

Icicles and hydro meter - good combination?

This is our neighbours front door - I kid you not!  His icicles reach his door knob.
Another amazing thing that happens this time of year are the flies.  Yes I said flies.  You think they would stay in hibernation until July or August but no they are out.  I really noticed them on our house when I got home from work today and Blitz is always on patrol to try to catch and eat them.
Proof that the flies are out

Some do perish on the ice
The birds are starting to arrive back and many of the community members are out shooting themselves a goose.  Another animal that is arriving back on the island are the caribou as they arrive here in May to calf and then return back to the mainland once the ice forms on the ocean again in the fall.  I have put out my bird feeders for the song birds and Blitz and Molly always run to the feeders when they are let outside.  We have seen many peregrine falcons, geese: both Canadian and snow, sand cranes, gulls and of course the snow buntings.  Soon the snow will be gone and the ground will turn the many colours of the flowers that bloom up here.
They had toys scattered from one end of the house to the other this week - must be spring fever

Molly, Mocha and Blitz all watching the snow buntings
Talk soon!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Omingmak Frolics 2013

We arrived back to CamBay just in time for the Omingmak Frolics 2013, omingmak is the Inuit name for muskox.  We haven't been frolicking too much this year. Thursday we went to the fashion show, it was held at the community hall this year and the fashion was amazing. Below are some of the examples of the clothing.
Having her face painted for the show

How cute is she?

Such a little doll - great poser too

Josie in a beautiful amaunti

Another amaunti


Amazing work

This was known as biker jacket - Inuit style

Some of the models after the show 
On Friday I met up with Marg and her mom to watch the parade and then headed over to the community hall to watch the Annual Cadet Review.  I haven't been to the Cadet Review before and found it very interesting to see them in action.
Our local cadets leading the parade

Ollie the Omingmak mascot

My buddy Shawn the Frog

Donna and her little nephew - Donna is one of our employees

Karen and her mom - her mom made these coats


Marg and her mom

Someone had enough of the parade

Michelle, Christopher and their little one enjoying the parade

Hockey meets amaunti

Annual Cadets Review

Posing for pics afterwards


Debbie very proud of her boy
Diamonds in the Ruff had the canteen on Friday so when Craig came home from work we headed down to the ice and had our muskox burger and pop in our support.  We also watch some of the ski-doo races before we headed home. Here's a few pics from the races.

Shawn with his caribou coat on

Kevin showing off his brother's machine

Cat and Little Annie

Shawn the Pepsi Man

The crowd
Today we relaxed most of the day, I left Craig and Mocha at the house while I took the dogs out.  It's the first time since we been back.  Molly seemed kind of depressed since her surgery so I thought since I took her stitches out today she would like to go out for a run.  She ate all of her dinner tonight without any problems and went straight to bed after that.  I guess I should back track a bit concerning Molly. I received a call from her vet this past week and the lump that was taken off confirmed that she had cancer.  The margins were not great so we will keep an eye on her for any new lumps. 
We spent at least an hour out this afternoon and noticed that there are many geese, gulls and sand cranes that are returning to the area.  It's good to see the return of the birds as it can only mean that spring is around the corner.  We are just about in 24 hour daylight, on May 21st we will experience it once again for the next two months.  The couple of pics below are of my little herb garden, I can't wait to have fresh herbs!  There are 6 herbs: oregano, basil, thyme, mint, parsley & rosemary.

Blitz looking after his big sister

One happy Hannah


Molly posing for a picture

This is how I found Molly tonight...only one leg sticking out of her cave bed
Talk soon!