Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Whole Lot of Nothin'

I know it's been over a month since my last blog post but there really isn't much news or anything exciting up here.  I am fully off my crutches/cane and back to work full time...just in time for the auditor to arrive.  Happy to say that the audit is over for another year and was pretty painless.  Our minds are now getting focused on purchasing a new truck for the plant and having it come up here by barge.  So basically we order it now from a dealership in Hay River, NWT and it arrives up here in September.  At work we are also checking our fishing supplies to make sure we are well stocked for the upcoming char harvest which the first run will start in the beginning of July and then the remaining three rivers will start in August through to September.  It was very strange this year at work as we did not have a muskox harvest as all of the herds are too far from Cambridge Bay.  We are regulated by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and they require the muskox to be delivered within the hour and they are much further than that.  There is an increase of wolves and grizzlies in the area which play a part in why the muskox are far.
On the ankle front, things are looking and feeling OK, I do have a lump at the site of the incision which had me concerned but the nurses up here and in Yellowknife seem to think this is normal.  They do want to send me for physio and I believe there will be physiotherapist up here during the month of May.  For those of you that don't know, we only have a Health Centre up here with mostly nurses on staff and doctors who rotate in and out.  We have no eye doctor, no dentist, and yes no physiotherapist so you have to wait until one comes into the community.
This past weekend I decided to do a dog nail clipping clinic in the community as many people were asking if I could.  Since I am involved with Diamond in the Ruff I decided to give all the money raised to them to help them bring a vet & equipment up here this year, which is gonna cost them $10,000.00.  The event raised $300.00 - not bad for clipping a few dog nails.  Last Friday I was interviewed by Nunatsiaq News in regards to the dog bite prevention presentations that I did at the school and yesterday I was pleased to see my picture online greeting a dog who needed her nails clipped.  Overall a great few days to help raise awareness for Diamonds and prevention of dog bites.  Thank you Derrick for taking and submitting the pic below.
The weather turned a bit cold today, or should I say the wind as with the chill it was -40'c this morning.  The temperatures have been decent these past few days, warm enough to get the dogs out for some good ball playing.  We only last for about an hour as the wind somehow finds it's way through your coat, long johns and boots and into your bloodstream.  Some days I wish we had trees to block the wind.  The sun rose today at 4:23 and said goodnight at 21:34, in a month we will be experiencing 24 hour daylight for the next couple of months. 
We leave for Manitoba in a week and I was hoping that the temperatures would be much warmer than what they have been experiencing.  I was praying to their weather gods so that I could see some green grass but now I am praying for brown and not white as we have enough of that up here.  I am looking forward to heading back as it's been about a year since I've seen my mom...the longest time ever.  We will be super busy with appointments for both Craig & I and the dogs and working in some time to spend with family and friends.
All of the pictures tonight are of the dogs as I haven't been shooting much due to my ankle.
Talk soon!
Sun feels good on the old bones
 Cutest boy ever!
 Sunshine = GSPs
 Molly is pointing out which way home
Good airtime Blitz!
 There is a dog & ball under all that snow
 Molly checking out her front brakes
 Tyrannosaurus Rex?
Blitz looking for his bright orange ball that is between his legs