Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fun at Nana & Papa's

After spending the day and heading out for brunch with our friends Sandy & Keith on Saturday we then headed over to the Coulter's (Craig's sister) for a fantastic Mexican dinner.  Laura and Todd outdid themselves and everything was delicious especially the dessert.  What a surprise to see how tall my Spencer was.  I believe Laura said he was 6'2", so a bit taller than myself who stands 5' even and thankfully Reece is still shorter than me but not by much. We had a great visit and also had a Facetime session with Craig's brother Ken who lives in Florida.
Dinner at the Coulters - photo courtesy of Craig's dad

Myself and Spencer
After dinner we drove the hour and half to Craig's parents place in Lac du Bonnet.  We stayed up for a couple of hours and then crashed for the night.  We woke up and Dad make his famous pancakes, even though he gave us the recipe a couple of years ago we just cannot mimic his.   We hung out until 2:30 this afternoon and from there Craig and his parents went back into Winnipeg to watch Spencer's hockey game.  I stayed home to look after the dogs and we spent a couple of hours outside enjoying the +14'c weather....yes it was +14'c today.  Beautiful weather for Manitoba in March especially when there is a blizzard warning for today and tomorrow for CamBay.  The dogs and I went across the road to the open field and enjoyed running and playing in the puddles.  Can't stop a water dog from having fun. 
As you can see there is hardly any snow left

Blitz watching the crows land

And Molly watching Blitz

Miss Molly enjoying the day

So many birds to watch

Molly posing against the wood shed

Blitz joined in but also watched the geese on the lake

Enough pictures already!

Two tired puppies after a couple of hours outside
Tomorrow we head to Carman for one last visit with my mom before we leave on Thursday.  Wednesday will be a last day of shopping and somewhere in there we would like to visit some more of our friends. It's been a world wind tour of Manitoba and Arizona and we will likely need a vacation after our holiday but it was so worth it.
Talk soon!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Desert Home

We arrived back in Winnipeg late last night, a day late from Phoenix due to the fact that we left our passports in Yuma.  We drove the 3 hours to Phoenix on Thursday and when we were close to the airport we realized that we did not have our passports. We drove to the car rental place and said that we needed the vehicle one more night then off to West Jet to change flights.  Much to our surprise West Jet did not charge us a change fee, just another reason why I love the airline.  We had to drive back to Yuma, spent another night and off again to Phoenix to catch our evening flight to Winnipeg.  Needless to say we were exhausted last night and a bit today. 
West Jet had us up and out of Phoenix yesterday quickly as Air Force One was at
the airport as President Obama was there.  I guess when Air Force One flies the rest of the
airport will be shut down for hours

One of the coolest things we saw while flying out of Arizona
was the Meteor Crater from the air

A closer view of the crater 
Our first full day in Yuma started off at the title office to sign the final paperwork and in two hours we had the keys to the condo. While waiting for the title to be switched, Kimberly our realtor drove us to the condo to show us around the property.  Debbie and Art who we rented their place in October were also in Yuma and came by to see us and it was nice to actually meet them in person. After we received the keys it was off shopping for cleaning supplies as the condo was very dirty, I guess after a couple of years of being vacant the Arizona dust settles in.  From there we headed to get a bed and have it delivered and then back to Sears to purchase the appliances and other necessities like toilet paper.
The week in Yuma was spent mostly cleaning, shopping and getting the place in order.  On the Monday the pest control came by to help us with the bee problem.  It turns out that the bees were Africanized honey bees and large ones at that.  The technician returned a couple of days later to do another treatment and we noticed that the bees were basically gone the next day.
The following pics are of the condo, some before and after pics.
The front garden was weed infested so we pulled them all out
but left the yucca plant and the aloe plant.

This is the result of no more weeds, when we return we will make it
a desert landscape

The view from the front door

Looking towards the entrance of the complex

Looking the other way

Our back yard facing south - we will likely remove two of the
four concert slabs

More of the yard
We have some visitors at the condo, neighbour's cat, humming birds, and on our last day a road runner and a large lizard

 This is the where the bees were, in one of the roof drains. Someone shoved in some newspapers into the drain instead of taking care of the problem.  

Gilbert taking care of the bees for us

 As you can see they were large. The technician said that they were not as aggressive as some of the Africanized honey bees that he has dealt with.
The triangle cardboard has the pheromone of the queen bee so that's why there are bees
hanging out on the side of the house. This is when the pest control came back to treat again. 

Our back mat ready for the dogs
The blinds were really dirty but a round of TSP took care of it 

After the kitchen was cleaned, the dishwasher and range hood vent still had to be removed

Other side of the kitchen

Exciting day when our appliances arrived!

Yay appliances!

I started painting the full wall in the kitchen a terra cotta colour
and since the wall is textured I thought I would bring it out.
I will do the remaining walls when we returned

The dining room with the Spanish style furnishings. 
I will likely paint the walls the same colour as the kitchen but a
solid colour instead
There is a dry bar in the corner but was very tired looking

So I distressed it with a turquoise Mexican colour

Found this great large pot at a thrift store

and this one

Well we have one chair in the living room
Our couch

I put a sample colour on the walls to see if I still like it when we return

The view from the front door all the way to the
kitchen and the end of the condo

Into the hallway

Spare bathroom cupboards were also tired looking

Same treatment on the cupboards and new handles

The finished bathroom

With a new light fixture thanks to Craig
Our new Canadian friends and now Arizona neighbours Debbie and Art had us over for dinner a couple of nights.  They are great people, easy going and tons of fun.  Debbie, Art and Kimberly have helped us a lot and made our time there enjoyable. It's great to have some connection down there and Debbie's sister Norma from CamBay will be our neighbour there also and we are already looking forward to our next time there.
Today we meet up with Craig's sister and her family and Craig's parents for dinner then off to Lac du Bonnet for the weekend.  The dogs are now with us and were very happy to see us as we were with them.  I leave you with a good ole Arizona sunset from two nights ago.
Talk soon!