Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 - The Year of the Blizzard

We are into our second week of January and also our second blizzard of 2015.  Last week it was a 3 day blizzard that shut down the entire town, you know it's bad when our Northern Store and Co-op shut their doors. 

The system was large affecting our entire Kitikmeot Region and the Kivalliq Region. At one point I couldn't see across the street and the house shook so bad I thought it was going to come off it's foundation.  Craig was stuck at work and he finally made it home for lunch on Friday.  Our town was up and running again on Friday, thanks to the municipal workers for working most of the night on Thursday clearing the major streets so that we could get to work.  Craig had to take a detour coming home on Friday as the road heading to the airport was still closed due to the amount of snow.  We are lucky at our end of town as we do not receive the amount of blown in snow like they residents do on the north-west side of CamBay.

Craig was home for only two nights when he packed his go-to-bag again last night as another system was rolling in.  This system isn't as bad as the last one but bad enough that the town was shut down again today and most likely tomorrow. 
Before Craig left yesterday we headed out to take some pictures of the amount of snow around town. 

Short video of the first blizzard

 He won't be going anywhere soon

Just down the street from my work

Snow banks taller than the truck

This little girl was more than happy to show off the
snow bank in front of her house

Then she proceeded to run down the street to climb a
much larger snow bank

I see the stairs but no door

Now that's how it's done - cool entrance to the door

This couple just shoveled themselves out
She told me the snow was as high as the truck

My friend Kim on top of a snow bank beside her house

Check out who's driving's SANTA!

The next few pics are taken from my cell phone and are from my work.
Alice standing beside our cube truck, she is still about 2 feet from the bottom

Our emergency exit door

Jonathan making his way to the door

Donna on top of a snow bank just outside my office window

Enough shovelling let's get the big guns out

Blitz has the idea - just hide under the covers until it's all over
Talk soon!