Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frolicing in the Bay

I really wanted to get this blog entry completed on Monday but foggy, overcast days are not great for satellite internet.  After arriving home a week ago last Monday my week turned out to be a great one.  Springtime in Cambridge Bay means many things to different people but the three that stick out for me are the arrival of birds, the sun not setting and the annual Cambridge Bay Frolics.  The Frolics started on the 14th and ended on Victoria Day.   

The crew from Department of Fisheries and Oceans arrived the day after for a meeting and we had them over for dinner the following day.  Out of the four of them I had met two, Tyler and Les and it was great to finally meet Theresa and Xinhua who I talked to many times.  Marg came over after dinner to join us in some laughs, it was a wonderful evening with friends.

During the Frolics I attended the parade and opening ceremonies on Friday, watched many ski-doo races and the best one was the Elder's race where they hopped onto the little machines that the kids use and away they went.  I also finally got to watch our local drum dancers...twice!  They do such an amazing job.

There were many highlights during this year's Frolics, one was on Saturday afternoon when the ladies that walked from Bay Chimo to Cambridge Bay arrived home.  They left Bay Chimo on May 7th and after 220kms they all arrived home safely.  They did this walk to raise money for cancer and to promote a healthy lifestyle and in the end they raised about $80,000. and the money is still coming in.  It was an emotional homecoming that day and the next where there was a community celebration.

The next one for me was when our friend Angela received The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her dedication and fundraising efforts for Cancer Care.  Angela does these amazing fundraising events during the year and I can't think of any person that deserves this more than her.

I will keep this entry short as there are many pictures to share with you.

Talk soon!

My friends from DFO having dinner at our place: Tyler, Xinhua, Les, myself, Theresa and Craig
 Taken at midnight on May 20, 2012
Taken in the morning on May 21, 2012 - not much difference between the two
 Sand cranes arrived
 Glaucous gull are back also
 Canadian Geese
 White fronted goose
 Snow bunting on our deck
 Local cadets led the way at the parade
 Frolics Mascot, Ollie the Omingmak
 Kitnuna float
 NIRB (Nunavut Impact Review Board) had the best team
 My two buddies for the parade, Abeline & Natella
 Crowning of the Princess and Prince
 Our Queen Karen and King Koah for the Frolics
 The Elders ski-doo race on the little machines

David getting ready to race (he is one of our hunters)
 Bessie waving to her fans
 and the winner is...Mabel
Lots of racing during the Frolics

 The hand-off during the relay
 I just love these little machines
My little friend Andrew

 Street hockey on the ice
Jessie and Charlie enjoying the day
 Cancer Care booth selling muskox and beef burgers
 Bo and Ross the chefs for the day
 Ella, Steve and Annie
 Everyone watching the ladies coming back from Bay Chimo
Women in Action Steps of Hope
Walking onto the bay
Finally made it home
Everyone raising their walking sticks in victory
 Edna Elias, our Commissioner being interviewed
 Elisabeth looking very tanned
 Donna (so happy to be home)
 New haircut for my buddy Shawn
The six ladies that walked from Bay Chimo to Cambridge Bay: Janet Brewster, Elisabeth Hadlari, Donna Olsen-Hakongak, Jamie McInnis, CamBay mayor Jeannie Ehaloak and Nunavut Commissioner Edna Elias
The team; walkers and guides
 Jerry and Puglik
Our friend Angela receiving The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

So proud of her!