Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Leaving Tiny Paw Prints on Our Hearts

As most of you know we had been fostering two husky cross puppies from day one as their momma had a tough time and didn't want anything to do with the last two survivors. Well the day came last Friday when these little ones left us for their forever home.  It was a heart wrenching day for me to say the least as I have come attached to these little fur balls.
Craig and I met our friend Kelly at the airport as she was taking them with her to her sister's family in PEI.  Yes these little boys found a home in PEI and I couldn't of asked for a better home with 6 kids, another dog and plenty of room to grow and play...and the best thing is that they get to grow up and stay together forever.  I lost it when they came to take the boys to put them on the plane and had to leave the airport quickly.  I decided to watch them get loaded onto the plane and watch the plane take off, crying all the way.
I've had fosters before but they are usually only around for a few days and then it's off to SPCA in Yellowknife so there is really no time to get attached to them.  This time was so different and all of us had become so attached to these boys, even Blitz who was pretty sad all weekend.  But we kept him busy and today he is doing much better.  Here are some pics of Shadow (tan one) and of Bleu (blue eyed and named after us), the children had renamed them and we love their new names.  I received an email from their new family and they arrived safely and sounds like they have made themselves right at home...as it should be.

Baby Bleu

Bleu was always jumping on Shadow

The Boys

So sleepy - get this camera away from my face

He's such a lazy puppy laying down to eat

I would howl and they would howl back

The last night with us - looks like those ears will stand up
well at least one

Such a beautiful face on Shadow

The boys and I

Blitz having a last play date with Shadow
Sunday was not only Father's Day but it was also Molly's 13th Birthday.  I still cannot believe that she is 13 and if it wasn't for her powder face you would never know she was.  The weather wasn't too bad that day so we pulled out the Commander, loaded the dogs and drove to Mt. Pelly for a good ole swim in a pond and a tundra romp.  After a couple of hours of exploring and relaxing we loaded everyone up again and headed towards gravel pit road (which is along the shoreline of the Northwest Passage).  The wind was cold coming off the Arctic waters which still have plenty of ice on it.  We didn't go all the way to Long Point but maybe this weekend we will.  Some of the following pics of the dogs are from another day.
The Birthday Girl
Blitz and Molly beside an inuksuk

Goofy boy on a rock

At 13 she is one tough cookie going into ponds with
ice still on them

"Singing the song of my people"

I really love this shot as it shows pure joy of being in the water
after a long winter

Just about got this speckle goose

Elvis, I mean Blitz
With temperatures a bit below normal and cloudy skies the ice is slowly melting.  The pics below are in and around CamBay and of the river finally opening up.
 I really love to photograph this old fishing boat and North West Company building

Komatik along the shoreline of the bay with caribou hides hanging on it
This shot was in Nunatsiaq News

Looking west on the bridge at Freshwater Creek

Looking east - the green is ice under the water

A lot of break up

I had my rubber boots on and waded into the bay for this shot.
I could feel the coldness of the water...brrrrr
Talk soon!

La Belle Province

I am behind on my blog so there will be two separate ones, this one will be of our trip to Quebec.  I have been to Montreal in the past as my godparents live there and I really enjoyed my time visiting but this trip I was heading to La Malbaie.  It was a conference for Community Futures and our friend Marg asked if I wanted to have our Arctic char featured there.  HELLO!  Let's do this!   It was months of planning for Marg and about 2 months of planning to get our char to Quebec on time.

We had a stop over in Alberta where Craig and I spent some time at Elk Island National Park and had a great visit with both of my brothers and my sister in-law Laura.  We also got to meet Bob and Laura's new yellow lab Harlow!  Craig, Mike and I drove halfway and met Bob and Laura in Red Deer where we spent the afternoon visiting.  Only one missing was our niece Kristen who was hard at work.
A room with a view (bison in the background)

Hey there handsome

Mike, myself, Bob and Harlow

Seven of us from the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut arrived in Quebec City on Monday June 1 then drove to La Malbaie from there.  Kim was with us in our car rental and the rest were in the van. About 30kms into our drive we stopped off at St. Anne du Beaupre to see the basilica which is set along the St. Lawrence River.  In 1876, the first basilica opened for worship and was later destroyed in a fire on March 29, 1922.  The basilica of today stands in the original spot of the first one.  It is a place of pilgrimage with the peak being near the end of July.  It is a beautiful structure with stained glass windows, sculptures, mosaics and paintings and a place where my late grandmother who was a strict Roman Catholic would send money to every year.

Kim and Craig at the front step of the basilica

 The fountain in the front yard

The front lobby/entrance
The aisle in front of the altar to your left

One of the hallways behind the altar

 One of the chapels in the basement

Beautiful stained glass windows

The arches and ceiling art was amazing

The view from the back

One of the many mosaics
We finally arrived at La Malbaie and everyone was starving so we headed to this rustic steakhouse down the street from our hotel.  We met the owners of the restaurant who were very accommodating to our needs and thankfully the wife knew English as the husband and waitress had very broken English. We closed the place down and we loved it so much there we returned a couple of days later for another dinner and were surprised when there was entertainment.
Our beautiful hotel where we were staying, La Remontée
The ladies; Marg, myself, Kim and Helen
The following day we had some time to ourselves so Kim, Craig and I decided to find Saint-Irénée  as a FB friend of mine said it has the best poutine around.  Well she was not wrong - and we had a great burger and poutine at Ginette's along the beach.

Grounds just beside the restaurant

Inside was quaint

The railroad tracks between the road and the water

We followed this path up a hill - ok I drove the car - and found a very cool location

Beautiful path we drove down

There were some cool looking sculptures up the hill
but I was drawn to this simple cement one. 

Maybe it was the view of the St. Lawrence that drew me in

There were some cool looking buildings on this property

Loved this one

Many barns along the road side

Wonder how old this one is?
We needed to be back in La Malbaie and at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu as the organizers of the conference has an evening planned for us.  What an evening it was!  We had an amazing train ride to Baie-Saint-Paul where we were treated to delicious finger food and drinks.  Then everyone piled into the auditorium for a presentation.  Baie-Saint-Paul is the birthplace of Cirque du Soleil so guess what our entertainment was. Here are a couple of videos of our train ride along the St. Lawrence and of the entertainment.

We attended a few seminars at the conference and on Thursday was an all day affair as Kitikmeot Foods Ltd. had a table there along with the other featured producers.  I spoke to many people regarding our Arctic char and then the chef prepared some appies with everyone's products and served them.  Of course people loved our char but I think my favourite was the beer and chocolate drink - to die for!
The grounds of the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in the Charlevoix Regional County are beautiful and we spent some time outside on Thursday between seminars and before the happy hour began.  We also had the pleasure of seeing many belugas swimming in the waters below us. The next few pictures are of the grounds where the conference was being held.

Before we left La Malbaie a lunch of smoked meat was in order so Kim, Marg, Craig and I went to Joe's.  Later someone told us that it was THE place to go for smoked meat sandwiches.
Kim, Craig and Marg in front of Joe's

Inside of Joe's
Craig and I left on Friday morning in the rain to head back to Quebec City to catch our flight later in the afternoon.  We saw this waterfall on our way to La Malbaie but did not stop but we made it a point to stop on our way back. Beautiful Montmorency Falls are located in Parc de la Chute-Montmorency and is just few minutes from Québec City. I always thought that Niagara Falls were tall but these falls are 83 m (272') tall, a full 30 m (99') higher than Niagara Falls.  We were on a tight schedule so we didn't have the time to take the cable car up to the falls and cross the suspension bridge. 
We spent an hour or so in Old Quebec City before we headed to the airport to catch our flight to Edmonton.  We were passing through Montreal before we flew to Alberta and due to the West Jet plane going off the runway in Montreal it was a day of delays and we finally made it to Edmonton long enough for a 3 hour sleep before we caught our flight home.  So we thought...due to the bad weather in Kugluktuk and CamBay our plane returned to Yellowknife for the night. Needless to say we were extremely tired but happy to be reunited with Molly & Blitz again.  The next day we finally made it home.

The smaller falls at the park's entrance

The majestic Montmorency Falls 

Old Quebec City - full of history

Alley way - if these walls could speak

Street of Old Quebec
Craig and I would love to go back to this area of Quebec for a holiday one day and really explore the area as we did love what we saw. 
Talk soon!