Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quadding with Friends

Just like last weekend we made today a day of quadding with friends.  This time it was Marg & Wayne, Cathy & Jim that joined us as we headed to Long Point and Augustus Hills.  Long point is one of my favorite places to go as most of the drive is along sandy beaches and today the drive did not disappoint.  There was a cool breeze coming from the Northwest Passage as there is still plenty of ice.  Just before we arrived at Long Point we stopped to look at the black spot on the ice, everyone took out their binoculars and I took out my 500mm lens and behold...a ring seal!
The dark spot that we seen on the ice

Once he knew we were watching him, he was watching us
More and more flowers are blooming and it still amazes me that some of the flowers grow where there is just rock or sand.
Once at Long Point we stopped to admire the view of the Northwest Passage - the tide was high so many rocks were not exposed.  Craig being a boy had to do a couple of 360's with his quad. 
The beach going to Long Point
This is where we stopped to look at the seal

Craig playing in the sand

You can see the trail heading out

Rocky beach

And we're off
Craig found us some lunch in the water - CRAB LEGS!  This water is about a foot deep and look how clear it is.

Another view of our beach trail
From Long Point we headed to the river where we got out the snackies and had a little bite to eat and drink.  When we arrive there the water was high but Craig and Wayne had to cross the river and back again...boys having fun!
Some ice floating near the beach

A view of Long Point - top left

Wayne and Craig coming in

Cathy and Marg - yeah you could say it was a bit windy today

"Commander" Jim

Craig coming back across the river

and Wayne was not too far behind - a little deep

Look how happy Wayne looks after playing in the water 

The river flows into the Northwest Passage

Not sure where it comes from

Craig, Cathy and Jim checking out the seals...oops I mean birds

The tundra is starting to turn purple with flowers

We drive above the river for a bit before we turned to head for Augustus Hills

You could say it was a steep river bank
The next few of pictures are of some of the different flowers that are blooming on the tundra.  Most of the flowers up here are either purple, yellow or white and are simply beautiful!

We had to drive a few more minutes before we reached Augustus Hills and the view up here is nothing short of amazing.  We didn't stay too long as the storm clouds were moving in and the wind was getting colder.
Storm was passing right where we needed to go home, lucky for us it passed before we got there.

On top of Augustus Hills - you can see the trail that we used. 
The indent on the right is where the river is and where we came from.

Long Point view from Augustus Hills
Talk soon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Golly Miss Molly It's Your Birthday

It's not only the Summer Solstice today but also it was Molly's  11th Birthday.  It's hard to believe that she is 11 as she still runs like the wind and gets into trouble.  You would think by now she would have learnt her lesson about getting into garbage, as some things in the garbage aren't good even though it smells so yummy.  We always put the garbage on the counter but this time those chicken bones were just too tempting and she some how tipped over the garbage and ate the bones.  Thankfully she is better and back to normal for her big day.
Yesterday Craig and I brought them out on the land for a run and swim and today I repeated it with them.  Needless to say I have 3 very tired dogs on my hands tonight.
The Birthday Girl
New toy for her birthday
Craig and Hannah - taken yesterday

So many geese and ducks Blitz didn't know which way to look

Can't see what he's pointing at because it's behind the tuff of grass

In two days he pointed and caught 3 lemmings
A few family pics below

For some reason today Blitz wanted to play and splash in the water.  It wouldn't be a big deal but he has never done this before and the only thing that broke up his play were the 6 geese that landed in the same pond.

Past couple of days more plants and flowers have been blooming and with the warm temperatures coming this way we will see even more.
Arctic Willow

Lemming house

These are the same but just taken from a different angle

Soon this will be fully engulfed in purple

Large Arctic Willow
Another lemming bites the dust

Hannah enjoying the warm Arctic sun after swimming

Hannah you're going the wrong way - look behind you!

King Eider ducks

Blitz came running down the road with geese chasing him - I wonder what kind of trouble he got into

I love this nose!
I never get tired of the scenery up here and today I sat for a good 1/2 hour on the ground and watched the dogs play, swim and hunt and just admired the view.
Blitz sitting just in front of me watching the geese fly

I made the dogs dinner tonight for Molly's birthday - on the menu was muskox ground, carrots, peas, apples and fresh parsley from my little herb garden.  Needless to say the bowls were empty and everyone is satisfied.
Birthday dinner tonight

Good Night from the Birthday Girl
Talk soon!