Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cheers to a New Year - A Time of Reflection

I don't make New Years Resolutions, never had.  Instead I look at the year that has past and look forward to the future.  I am looking forward to 2015 and what it will bring to Craig and I and our little family in the Arctic.  2014 was a sad year for us, as most of you know we lost 2 of our pets, about 6 months apart.  It was tough, extremely sad and I thought I couldn't make through it...but I did.  I know it's part of owning a pet, you have such a short time with them when compared to a human and we will have more in our lives but for the time being we will enjoy the Princess Warrior Molly and Blitz.

We enjoyed having Craig's parents visit us this past summer.  We had fun taking them to many places we love to hang out at and introduce them to our northern friends.  I know they had just as much fun as we did and I'm glad that they got to experience a bit of our life up here.  The weather was perfect during their visit and from there it turned to fall then winter faster than normal.

Summer work for both Craig and I have always been busy, for Craig it's the time to do any maintenance an their field equipment as who wants to go out when it's 40 below. For me it's harvest time and of course we look forward to seeing our friends Les and JS every summer.

We had many fishing days with our friends - some days were successful and others not so much but it wasn't so much about the fishing but instead spending time with friends.  We had days at the beach of relaxing and walking along the sand of the Northwest Passage or just getting together at someone's home to play games, music, dinner or just for a visit.

We had a great vacation in Arizona this past October.  We did so much in such a short amount of time and we are planning our next visit.  So much so that we are seriously looking for some property in Yuma.  The biggest highlight for us was meeting up with Mary, Teri and John in California, some wonderful friends whom I met through our GSP group.  We got to see the California coastline, sand dunes, desert and the Grand and Antelope Canyons.

Christmas for us was quiet and spent with 3 of our friends at our home for a complete turkey dinner along with Papa's tourtiĆ©re as a highlight.  I started my holiday baking the week before and we are still eating some treats with more in the freezer.  Craig worked Christmas day and he will work again tomorrow, no holiday for them as they work Monday to Saturday, no exceptions.

I came down with a nasty virus the week before Christmas that put my in bed for about 3 days straight.  I'm still not fully over it but much, much better than I was.  Yesterday I had a lump removed from my back and after removing it the doctor said it was only a cyst which was good news.  It's sore today but what can I expect with 7 sutures in place.  A blizzard started here yesterday and will continue until tomorrow so last night Craig spent the night at the site and will repeat the same for tonight.  I will bring in the New Year with Molly and Blitz but I'm afraid we all might be sleeping by then.  ha-ha

I have picked 12 of my favourite pictures, one from each month in 2014 to share with you today.  I wish all of my readers a Very Happy New Year.
Had the opportunity to photograph Elaine - a co-worker's daughter

I have photographed this boat and building on many occasions
but this was a total white out

The month we realized that our time with Hannah was limited
She was having a good day so we took her out to enjoy the sun

The beautiful blue ice of the Arctic Ocean - myself and Blitz

The final day with Hannah

Craig's parents arrival - visiting The Maud

Another day at the beach with the dogs

Helping out at the CamBay Vet Clinic

My trip to Manitoba with Molly, great day spent at the Zoo with Sandy

Our Arizona trip - Lower Antelope Canyon 
Photographing our GM for Country Guide Magazine

Saying good-bye to Mocha
Talk soon

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Little Cat Named Mocha

This year has been a tough year for us in regards to our pets.  We are preparing to say good-bye to Blitz's cat Mocha. In August she had her 3rd cancerous tumour removed and pathology came back as invasive mammary cancer.  Her quality of life is declining fast so Craig will make the final trip with her on Monday to Yellowknife alone.  I am staying home to look after Molly and Blitz.
Mocha was one of the first cats that came into the newly formed shelter I managed.  She was put into a foster home in the beginning as she has two kittens but that didn't last long as she clawed our foster parent and drew some blood. She was nasty as hell, would attack any dog that came through the door.  It took 3 of us to clip her nails and many customers would come into the shelter and ask what kind of mood Mocha was in. 
Through her tough exterior I knew there was a sweet, loving cat in there...somewhere.  When I decided to leave the shelter I also decided that Mocha was coming home with me.  Yeah me, a dog loving, cat allergy girl was going to bring home another cat. Staff, volunteers and customers were all surprised as we had another cat at home and 3 dogs.  She was a long time shelter resident and I wanted to give her a loving home, one that she deserved. 
What a different cat she was, right from day one at the house.  We lived just outside of Winnipeg where our property had lots of trees and I fed the squirrels, birds and bunnies so she had a better view than a busy street.  She even got to go outside on a harness and leash and she loved feeling the grass under her pads and also the taste of grass.  She still had her moments when she would give you a warning look when she had enough petting or brushing but overall she turned out to be a typical tortie cat.
When we first brought Blitz home he was bound and determined to become Mocha's best buddy. I think he was so persistent that Mocha just gave into him.  After that they were pretty much inseparable.  If Mocha wasn't taking a cat nap she would follow Blitz everywhere he went and sometimes Blitz would be the follower.  When Blitz was laying chewing on a toy she would come up to him and give him a few head butts and if he walked away she would follow him and give him more.  Blitz would go between her and anyone wanting to pet Mocha, as if to say she's mine. A few weeks before Mocha's last surgery Blitz's attitude changed, he would growl at Mocha and would jump on the couch sometimes between me and the couch just to get away from her.  I guess he knew something was terribly wrong.  These past days he has been going up to her and smelling her and yesterday when I was taking a few pics of Mocha he laid his head on her bed. I hope he will fine after she is gone.
I will miss the non-meow she would give us on Sunday mornings while she waited for Craig to give her some bacon off his plate and some toast with margarine for this queen.  I wish I could go with Craig to say good-bye and for support. Even though I was the one who brought her home from the shelter she had always been Craig's cat. 
She would play with this toy forever

I see you with those glowing eyes

Favorite spot in the house when I first brought her home

Her and Shadow would tolerate each other

Shadow probably wondered why this cat was in her bed

Even shared the window with Molly and Calla

Always the sunbather

Favorite bed

Crazy look she gave me on her first visit outside on a warm spring day

Loved a good book

And a fire

But most of all, loved Blitz
This was when she came home from her surgery in August

Such a pretty girl

Even when she is not well she's trying to give Blitz a head butt

Best buds
 Talk soon