Saturday, July 6, 2013

On the Home Front

Angie and John made it home safely yesterday and it was very quiet in the house these past couple of nights.  We are so happy that they came for a visit and we miss them already.  Blitz was looking for John going to the spare bedroom and wondering where he was. 
Craig is still on holidays until Monday so it was nice to have him home on a Saturday.  We met our friends from Department of Fisheries and Oceans at the airport today and got them to their home away from home.  From there we took the dogs out for a run, swim and lemming hunt.
On the work front, our fishers headed out today to Surrey River for our first harvest of Arctic char.  This is a short run lasting a little over a week.  We will be busy now until mid September but I will still get some posts in. We had a kick off bar-b-q on Friday afternoon for our staff and fishers serving up the last of the muskox burgers, char fillets and char chowder.  Thank you Donna for making the chowder and to all of the staff members who helped to make this a success.
I found a new lump on Molly's back leg a little over a week ago.  It's getting a wee bit bigger and red.  I emailed her vet in Winnipeg and she has given me some options, I will watch it until I can make a trip with her to Manitoba to have it removed.  Of course if it gets worse we will have to send her to Yellowknife alone.
Here's that lump on Molly

Not sure where Hannah and Blitz were swimming to

Hunting Lemmings

Blitz on a point

On the way home I saw this Arctic swan resting near the side of the road
so I had to stop to take a few pictures of it - beautiful!

Some different flowers are blooming

These grow flat on the ground

Good Night from Molly & her new baby
Talk soon!

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