Monday, July 1, 2013

Angie & John's Visit - Part 1

Angie and John arrived in Cambridge Bay last Thursday and they are our first guests to visit us since I moved up here nearly 3 years ago.  Angie and I have been friends since grade 7 and have always kept in contact with each other no matter where life takes us.  The first day here Angie and I took the dogs out for a run and left poor John at home as he had injured his ankle the day before they flew out of Winnipeg.  Thankfully it's not too serious and he is on the mend and walking better as the days go by.  We decided to do some fishing at the river on Saturday but the wind was so high that it was just blowing our lures in all directions so we decided to take a drive to Mount Pelly instead.
First Air arrives with Angie and John on board

Yay, they are here

Couldn't contain our happiness

Angie (far) and John trying to fish on the river on a windy day

The bubble bees up here are HUGE!

My first fish I caught this year - believe it or not I caught it with my bare hands

Carpet of purple and white flowers
We celebrated Canada Day with our Annual LeBleu Canada Day Bar-B-Q on Sunday June 30th instead of July 1st as most of us would likely need a day to recover before we headed back to work. It was a far cry from last year; hot and suntanned last year, cool and raining this year so we had it inside instead of on our deck.   Here's some highlights of the night.
Some of the decorations for Canada Day

Our friend Athlyne made this cake for the Bar-B-Q

Finishing touches were put on

Cathy made some 'watermelon' Jell-O shooters - cute but dangerous

Cathy and Angie tattooed up

David and Emily

Kim and Norman (Norman is Angie's frog)

Doug, Kim and I

Emily showing her dad how to play guitar

Athlyne enjoying John sing and play

Cathy, Jim and Craig

Mother and Daughter - Marg and Cat

The Epp family - Wayne, Marg and Cat

Samantha, Emily and Samantha's mom
The last of the guests left around 1:30am and as we were cleaning a ruckus was heard and the boys from the band entered.  And after a few more hours our heads hit our pillows at 4:30am. 

Craig and Ryan

My buddy Darryl


Craig and Terry
After only 5 hours of sleep we were up and getting ready for a quad ride and some serious fishing.  Well some of us were serious.  haha  Jim was the first one to catch a fish but he didn't land it but we think that Craig caught it just shortly after.  Craig actually caught 5 fish but he only kept 2 for our dinner tomorrow.  Jim also was bringing home two for dinner.  Doug had a good one on line but broke free just before he landed it and many of us got snagged but Craig was our hero and rescued most of the lures and Kim's rod out of Grenier Lake (he was the one with chest waders) We seen a herd of muskox, adult foxes and a den with 3 pups, many swans and birds.  It was a great way to celebrate Canada Day with friends.
Goose eggs

Our trail going fishing

What a view - yes that is still ice on the lake

This is our spot and had a great view of Mount Pelly

A river going into Grenier Lake

So many flowers are in bloom

Craig catching his first Lake Trout

Craig caught this one but Angie had to bring it in

Third fish - not that anyone is counting

The two that we kept

Jim landing his first one

Yay dinner for tomorrow

Doug and Kim - this was the big one that got away

Emily fishing

Jim fishing while Cathy watched

Kim catching the big one - oh wait that's Craig

The Gang - the white and purple specks on the ground are flowers

Emily taking in some Arctic sunshine

The trail home

Talk soon!


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