Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Angie & John's Visit - Part 2

Today after work Craig and I brought Angie to see the Northwest Passage up close and personal via Long Point.  John had been up since 4am so he decided to stay home and relax.  If you have followed my blog for any length of time you will know that Long Point is one of my favorite places to visit and it never disappoints.  Long Point is covered in warm soft sand and I think it should be voted one the finest beaches on earth.  Here are some pictures to prove my point. (no pun attended)
We seen this snowy sitting on a chunk of ice just before Long Point

Up up and away

Amazing blue ice on the way to Long Point - yes they are this blue

Trail just before Long Point

Sand covered trail 
Blue waters and blue skies = an amazing view

Long Point

Angie making a sand angel
The colour of the land is changing every day and today it is purple.  It is a sight to see when the dwarf fireweeds are in full bloom.  It is so hard to explain and the pictures do not do it justice.
Dwarf fireweeds in full bloom

Dwarf fireweed with beach grasses

Can you see purple in the distance?

This is the first time that I seen and smelled the Cushion Plant thanks to my friend Angela who lives up here. Driving down the beach from Long Point there was a sweet smell in the air and when we stopped to smell the flowers it was this lovely specimen.
From Long Point we took our normal route to the river and up Augustus Hills. The ride was great but the wind was picking up to 50km and when you are on a quad it feels like 100km.  We stopped at the 'rock' to take some pictures and when we arrived at the river Craig brought Angie across.  Thankfully the river was at low tide and it was an easy ride through it. When we arrived at Augustus Hills  Angie thought she had died and gone to heaven.  She may have not died but she was in heaven...Arctic Heaven that is.
Some of the trail leaving Long Point - look how clear the water is

Northwest Passage on my left and purple tundra on my right

Angie and Norman (the frog) at the rock

Craig checking out the seals

Craig with his new chest strap for the GoPro (I will post some video at a later date...hopefully)

Crossing the river

"Look Ma No Hands!"

Seen this female Arctic fox with dinner in her mouth.  Soon she will be all brown to match the earth.

Our trail from the river was surrounded by purple and white flowers

Angie and I giving Craig the 'thumbs up' on top of Augustus Hills with
Long Point & The Northwest Passage in the background.
Tomorrow is Angie and John's last full day and Craig & I will be very sad when they leave.  I believe some more fishing is in store for tomorrow and after I finish work we will likely head across the bay to Old Town.
Talk soon!

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