Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Angie & John's visit Part 3

I'm kind of sad today as this is Angela & John's final full day with us as they leave early afternoon tomorrow. It was a great visit and we did as much as possible with them so that they could experience this vast, beautiful land we call home.  I worked for half a day today as I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them and the plan was to do some fishing this afternoon and drive over the bridge to see the old stone church, the Maud and the Eagle (ships).  Before we went fishing we stopped in at the Arctic Closet and Angie purchased a few things to take home.  On the way out she rubbed a lucky rock and it worked!  She was the first one to catch a fish, she found $1.25 on the land and we saw a small herd of muskox close to Cambridge Bay.  All in all a successful and lucky afternoon.
Tonight we are just relaxing and enjoying a bright sunny evening together.  Tomorrow we will take them to the airport around 11:30am to catch their flight an hour later.  We will miss them terribly but lucky for us they live in the same town as my mom so we will see them soon. 
Old Stone Church

River where we were fishing

Inuksuk - weird how the sun rays made the left side blurry

The Mighty Fisherwoman

Craig and his char

More and more flowers are blooming

Craig spotted the muskox herd on top of the hill

We drove to get a better look and with the help of my 500mm lens I could get some shots of them

Majestic animals

Muskox butts

Chillin' by the water - notice how relaxed they are

The bull keeping his guard
Talk soon!

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