Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Arctic Char, Arctic Fox Pups and Arctic Mosquitoes!

I am heading into a busy time of year at work as we started our Annual Arctic Char Harvest.  Our fishers and monitors went to Surrey River and we received our first load of fresh Arctic char on Monday.  This load came in late Monday, the staff did the final cleaning, packed it in Styrofoam containers and was shipped out the next morning to San Francisco, Montreal and Toronto.  This is one of our shorter fish runs and will last for about a week.  We have about 3 weeks of a break and then we are back to it until mid September. I will do a separate blog entry later this week to talk about the harvest. 
The picture below is not our fish but I wanted to show you how the locals dry fish.  
This past Monday we headed out to see some Arctic fox pups with our friends Cathy, Jim and their kids, David and Emily.  Our neighbours are selling their Commander so we took the opportunity to take it for a test drive.  We are still making a decision to purchase used or new. The pups were not that shy and we spent some time there taking pictures but finally the mosquitoes took over.  Also, Momma fox came by and yelled at her pups and they scurried into their den.  We now have seen 3 Arctic fox dens this year so far and I could sit and watch them play and explore all day long.
Did I mention that the mosquitoes are out? 

Craig and Cathy getting photo bombed by mosquitoes
Below are a series of the Arctic fox pups, I have many more pictures and it was hard to pick which ones to post as they are so adorable.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many pictures turned out as I was holding a 500mm lens without a tripod and batting mosquitoes.
He better practice this curl up as the winters are cold and long

So curious

Playtime - the third one sat back and watched

Run Forest Run!

I didn't even notice this little one at first until he popped his head up - they sure blend into the land

Look at those paws!

So tiny

Great profile
They were sure watching us

I was whistling to get his attention
Yesterday was Nunavut Day and most people had the day off but both Craig and I worked.  He works Monday to Saturday no matter if there is a holiday, yes even Christmas and for me the fish have no idea it was a holiday. Craig was late coming home from work so as soon as I arrived home I gathered up the dogs and headed out behind the Dew Line (Craig's work) for a walk/swim/run/hunt. Different flowers are in bloom and the first ones that bloomed are already going to seed.

Arctic Cotton in bloom, they are a food source for caribou calves and snow geese.

The Arctic Willow is going to seed

Growing amongst the rocks

Chamomile flowers - I wonder if I can make tea from these flowers?
Everything as going well until I arrived back to the truck with the dogs and I noticed blood on the gravel.  I kind of thought it was Blitz as he split his webbing last year and it still bleeds a bit.  I checked the girls' paws and they were fine so into the truck they went.  I checked Blitz's webbing and it was a bit red so I thought the blood was from that so I put him into the truck.  When we arrived home I noticed the blanket that I have in the back of the Escape was covered with blood.  My poor Blitzy boy sliced his back pad, most likely on a sharp rock. I had to change his bandage before we went to bed last night as it bled through, then again this morning, lunch time and again tonight. I emailed his vet to see if there is anything else I can do for the boy.
I just had to take a picture of this rock - so cool looking. 
I'm sure Trish will appreciate this one, wish I could send it down to you!

This is one of our favorite spots to take the dogs.

Molly in a field of chamomile flowers

Hannah - yellow dog laying in yellow flowers

Miss Molly posing for me

water = two happy short hairs

Blitz enjoying a cool down

A rock like this is most likely the culprit in slicing Blitz's pad.
 It's unbelievable how sharp these edges are.

The injury after I cleaned it

Blitz with his foot bandaged and milking it all for what it's worth
Talk soon!

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