Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blitz's New Foster Puppy

As you all may know I am involved with the canine rescue group up here called Diamonds in the Ruff and after work today a couple of friends (Bernie and Joan) met me at one of my neighbours to pick up three puppies.  These puppies are only 4 weeks old and needed to vacate where they were.  Whenever we visit Bernie and Al's home we are likely to find a couple of fosters living with them along with their own dog.  Today was no exception, besides the three we rescued today they also have another puppy plus dog sitting for a friend.  They seemed a bit over loaded so I agreed to take the boy puppy until we can fly them out, hopefully in a couple of days. So now our home has 4 dogs and one cat.

My boy Blitz never ceases to amaze me of what a great dog he is with puppies.  He was so excited to find out that I brought home another puppy he just couldn't contain himself.  He protected this little guy, who we have named Bob, right from the get go.  Molly on the other hand has her nose out of joint, she is usually pretty good with puppies but this one is much younger than any other I have brought home and she seems completely not interested.  Hannah and Mocha (the cat) really don't seem to care about the puppy.
Below are some pictures of Blitz and his new foster puppy.
This is what Bob did for the first couple of hours

So cute!

I guess Blitz figured he might as well join Bob in a nap
Blitz finally got his way and woke the little guy up

Potty break after waking up, then dinner time, then potty break again
Play time again!

Both have their paws stretched out to each other

"Happiness is a warm puppy"
If Blitz is the same as with other puppies he will be a very sad dog when this one goes.  He gets very depressed when a foster leaves, it's like he takes it personal.  As I sit here at my computer desk they are still sleeping side by side but every time Bob makes a noise Blitz opens one eye making sure he is fine.  Tonight I leave you with this:
"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." - Gene Hill
Talk soon!

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  1. Blitzy you ARE an amazing dog! Loved reading your little story and I am sending my love to the little guy that he will find a wonderful of a forever home as your foster home. Blessing on your days together.