Thursday, June 6, 2013

Springtime in The Arctic

I love springtime any where but especially in the Arctic, after 8 - 9 months of snow on the ground it's my pleasure to say good-bye to the white stuff.  Before the flowers bloom and the grasses blow we have to go through a muddy time.  Hate the mud but I will put up with it as I know in less than a month we are in full summer mode and soon it will be our annual Arctic char harvest. 
The staff was done work early one day this week and we had a load of fish scrap and fish heads so we loaded up the F150 and went door to door handing out fish heads to some elders in the community and giving out fish scraps to some of the dogs.  The staff told me which elder would appreciate the fish heads and we always received a huge wave and a koana (thank you) from them.  As for the dogs they started to eat the frozen block of fish scraps as soon as we gave it to them.  We all felt good after that and I decided to reward the 4 staff members with a drive to Freshwater Creek and then to the Gravel Pit where we seen many birds and a few seals on the ice.  All in all a great day spent with the best staff Cambridge Bay has to offer.
Yesterday was Craig's birthday and I treated him to lunch and brought home a Big Crunch sandwich from KFC (yes we have a KFC/Pizza Hut up here).  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and we ended up satisfying his craving for BBQ hamburgers - loaded of course.  We invited Marg and Cat over and Marg made a very good, mouth watering birthday cake for him.  After dinner they played a round of pod racing and monster rampaging on the Xbox.  He told me it was a perfect birthday.
The weather this past week has been above normal temperatures and there isn't that much snow to be found in town or on the tundra.  The temperatures are going back to seasonal this weekend with highs of +4'c during the day but on Monday they are forecasting highs of +11'c again.  Those temperatures feel so much warmer up here than down south and most days we have the windows open and are free of any jackets. All the birds are arriving to nest and raise their young and I have put out the bird feeders for the snow buntings and for Blitz to point at. 
This week we are getting ready for a Denise LeBleu Images photography show and sale plus garage sale that we are having this Saturday and Sunday.  Things are priced and ready to go and it feels good to rid of things that have been sitting here for the past couple years not being used.  Last week we cleaned out our closets and brought the clothes to work before bringing the bags to the Wellness Centre but much to my surprise the staff took everything and it saved me a trip to the Centre.  Marg is going to join in on the fun as she has stuff that needs to go also.  Saturday evening friends are coming over to help Craig celebrate his birthday. 
Since I missed the physiotherapist that came up here last month, she was on the plane coming in and I was getting on that same plane going out, I am heading down to Yellowknife next week for treatment on my ankle.  The doctor that seen me up here is thinking that physio may help with the lump that has formed at the surgical site.  I will leave behind the husband, dogs and cat and will do a little serious grocery shopping when there.  Will even try to fit in a haircut while there.
Talk soon!
Blitz, Hannah and Molly

Not a great pic (blurry) but he was so happy to run on ground and not snow

Molly is the littlest one and always the first to get into the ice cold water

I think she hit every small pond/puddle

My sweet Hannah Banana taking a rest against a rock

Checking out the geese flying over head

We smell lemmings!

Our golf course - Many Pebbles Golf Course

Hole 9

The cup at hole 9

Plants are starting to sprout and the moss is turning green

Snow bunting at our feeder - taken through our window so it's not the best pic

Arctic Terns are back

Many terns and sandpipers in this pond


A different type of bird (for Craig's dad)

Small stream flowing

Cambridge Bay's ice is starting to open up

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