Sunday, May 19, 2013

Omingmak Frolics 2013

We arrived back to CamBay just in time for the Omingmak Frolics 2013, omingmak is the Inuit name for muskox.  We haven't been frolicking too much this year. Thursday we went to the fashion show, it was held at the community hall this year and the fashion was amazing. Below are some of the examples of the clothing.
Having her face painted for the show

How cute is she?

Such a little doll - great poser too

Josie in a beautiful amaunti

Another amaunti


Amazing work

This was known as biker jacket - Inuit style

Some of the models after the show 
On Friday I met up with Marg and her mom to watch the parade and then headed over to the community hall to watch the Annual Cadet Review.  I haven't been to the Cadet Review before and found it very interesting to see them in action.
Our local cadets leading the parade

Ollie the Omingmak mascot

My buddy Shawn the Frog

Donna and her little nephew - Donna is one of our employees

Karen and her mom - her mom made these coats


Marg and her mom

Someone had enough of the parade

Michelle, Christopher and their little one enjoying the parade

Hockey meets amaunti

Annual Cadets Review

Posing for pics afterwards


Debbie very proud of her boy
Diamonds in the Ruff had the canteen on Friday so when Craig came home from work we headed down to the ice and had our muskox burger and pop in our support.  We also watch some of the ski-doo races before we headed home. Here's a few pics from the races.

Shawn with his caribou coat on

Kevin showing off his brother's machine

Cat and Little Annie

Shawn the Pepsi Man

The crowd
Today we relaxed most of the day, I left Craig and Mocha at the house while I took the dogs out.  It's the first time since we been back.  Molly seemed kind of depressed since her surgery so I thought since I took her stitches out today she would like to go out for a run.  She ate all of her dinner tonight without any problems and went straight to bed after that.  I guess I should back track a bit concerning Molly. I received a call from her vet this past week and the lump that was taken off confirmed that she had cancer.  The margins were not great so we will keep an eye on her for any new lumps. 
We spent at least an hour out this afternoon and noticed that there are many geese, gulls and sand cranes that are returning to the area.  It's good to see the return of the birds as it can only mean that spring is around the corner.  We are just about in 24 hour daylight, on May 21st we will experience it once again for the next two months.  The couple of pics below are of my little herb garden, I can't wait to have fresh herbs!  There are 6 herbs: oregano, basil, thyme, mint, parsley & rosemary.

Blitz looking after his big sister

One happy Hannah


Molly posing for a picture

This is how I found Molly tonight...only one leg sticking out of her cave bed
Talk soon!



  1. Really interesting to see your Native fashion that differs a bit from ours in Alaska.

    1. Would love to see some of your Alaskan fashion to look at the difference.

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  3. What beautiful clothing! So very talented to be able to design and create such work! Pups look great and Miss Molly looked like she was having a blast. Just what she needed!

    1. I totally agree Dawn, Miss Molly needed those stitches out and a romp on the tundra. You should see some of the clothing up here, it just amazes me.