Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lovely Day in the Neighbourhood

Yesterday was a really enjoyable day here in Lac du Bonnet with Craig's parents.  Took the dogs out to the field across the street so that they could hunt, play and run.  They sure found a good spot in some tall grasses, I have no idea what had been there.

From there we all took a hike up the 'mountain' to take some pictures.  It's a tradition here at L'Auberge Bleu that whenever you visit you must take a hike up the hill.  It is so beautiful up there any time of year and you also have a good view of the lake from there.  I would love to have a little cottage up there and wake up to that view every morning.  The dogs had a blast, Hannah has slowed down and we have to watch that she doesn't fall but Molly can still maneuver over and around the rocks like she is still 2 years old.  Blitz always follows Molly but he is not as agile as her.

Going up?

The moss is starting to green up

Hannah Banana

I only had seconds to get this picture before Blitz and Molly were off again

Thank you to Craig's dad for taking our family portrait, notice the inuksuk in the background

Place where I could love to put up a little cabin

Craig and his mommy

Dad scoping the scenery

Blitz taking a bit of a rest

Dad and Mom

What a view!

Craig, Dad and Hannah

We heading back down the hill and sat our butts on the deck for the remaining of the afternoon soaking up some rays while the dogs ran and swam in the ice cold water.  We had to drag Hannah out of the water as she was trying to break the ice and we were afraid that she would get to a place of no return...damn water dogs.  lol   Needless to say I think at the end of the day we were all pretty exhausted from all the fresh air we got.  After dinner we had another tradition we needed to take care of; scrabble and a round of rummy with Mom.

More ice melted yesterday so Molly had more room for her leisurely swim

Hannah and Craig soaking up some good ole Manitoba rays

I like to call this bunk beds GSP style.  Lucky for Molly she is tiny and could fit on the ottoman

Today we say our good-byes to Craig's parents as we head back into Winnipeg as Craig needs his day 7 shot from our exposure to rabies.  Tomorrow the ladies go into the vet for a dental each an Molly will also get some small lumps checked and one larger one taken off. 

It was a short stay but one we will cherish as we both really love coming to this neck of the woods.

Talk soon!

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