Saturday, May 4, 2013

Phew...Glad This Week Is Over!

The risks of living in the North became very real this past week for us as we were exposed to a rabid dog on Sunday.  Before flying out on Tuesday afternoon we were at the Health Centre getting a booster and getting my titer tested.  From working in the animal industry while living in the south I already had my pre-exposure vaccine years ago so I only required two boosters.  Poor Craig on the other hand had 6 shots yesterday, one in each arm, leg and butt cheeks.  He will need to return on Tuesday for one more shot and on the 14th for his last one.  I feel very sad for the dog that needed to be euthanized as rabies is so preventable with a yearly vaccine.  I don't understand why people do not vaccinate their dog against the disease as there is no cure for rabies and because of the risks to the community.  Not only that but the vaccine is free for anyone living in our town. 
Besides the whole rabies scenario we have had a good time so far spending time with our friends Keith and Sandy this weekend. Tonight we will get together with friends for dinner and drinks and tomorrow we will head to Lac du Bonnet for a few days with Craig's parents.  Our dogs had their check ups, the seniors (Hannah & Molly) had their blood checked and we had our hair cuts. 
We drove from Edmonton to Carman on Wednesday and didn't see much overland flooding until we got close to Portage la Prairie.  Many farmer's fields were flooded and at my mom's the river that goes through her back yard overflowed the banks and came into her yard.  We have had some beautiful weather in Manitoba and looks like it is going up from there.  It's nice to see no snow and the dogs are enjoying their time also.
Talk soon!

Just outside Portage la Prairie on highway 16
 Lots of water
 Blitz doesn't like to see where we are going but rather where we have been
 My mom's backyard, you can see how close the water is to her deck stairs
 Stairs to nowhere but water
 At least the geese are enjoying the water
 Molly is enjoying her new bed we bought from Costco
 I see a sleeping pattern here
Oh boy Lexie, what a nut!

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