Sunday, May 5, 2013

On The Road Again

Yesterday we got together with Sandy, Keith, Jean and Les for dinner on the patio at Tony Roma's.  Many laughs and great conversation and of course yummy ribs.  After dinner we headed over to Sandy and Keith's for drinks and to watch the hockey game...I was snoozing by the end of the game and not sure who was playing or who won.  I find that this trip is a bit of a whirl wind for us and I guess because our plans changed a bit due to us needing our rabies shots.  Below is a pic of the six of us that went to Tony Roma's last night.

We stayed at the Birley's last night and around noon we were on the road again...this time to Lac du Bonnet to spend a couple of days with Craig's parents.  His auntie Margaret and uncle Art met us for dinner at the house and it was great to see them again as it has been too long.  Mom made Beef Wellington for dinner and it was pretty tasty.

Auntie Margaret & Uncle Art enjoying the warm weather today

Dad, Craig, Mom and Hannah
I think the thermostat got close to +20'c today are far cry from the Arctic weather we left behind a week ago.  We spent the afternoon sitting on the deck having a beer and getting caught up.  The dogs were really enjoying this weather; running, hunting and swimming in the ice cold water.  I had to literally drag Miss Molly out of the water as she was so cold, so cold that her teeth were chatting.  I ended up having to bathe her as she rolled in crap.  The old ladies rested inside as Blitz ran and ran and ran around.  Needless to say everyone is very quiet tonight and tomorrow will be another day of the same.
Which way did it go?
Blitz, Hannah and Molly
Miss Molly
I lost Hannah in the field, this is how I found her

The shorthairs will find water no matter where or how cold
Hannah got a little warm today and found the only patch of snow in the yard. 
I guess she is truly an Arctic dog now.
 Talk soon!

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