Sunday, May 13, 2012 Yellowknife

Blitz and I were up at 3:30am to catch our flight this morning from Edmonton, everything went smoothly but somewhere deep in my guts I felt this was not going to go as planned.  Seen the First Air crew load Blitz and my luggage on the plane and soon we were off to Yellowknife then home sweet home.  As I was entering the Yellowknife Airport there was an announcement over the PA system stating that the flight to Cambridge Bay was cancelled due to weather.  Arrrrrg!  So off I went to the First Air counter to change my flight until tomorrow morning.  Collected my boy and luggage and figure out what to do next.

After I received my new itinerary I called Craig to try to find me a hotel room for the night otherwise Blitz and I were going to have to share kennel space. He found us a room at the Explorer Hotel and for a cool $230.00 we had a place to sleep.  I called the hotel to ask for a shuttle pickup and I was told that the shuttle should be there, I replied no I am sorry it is not.  Then I was informed that I have to take a cab to the hotel as the shuttle was done until the next flight....really?!  Because I have a large dog kennel I needed a van to pick us up and the taxi company said no problem but there is an additional charge for a van.  So after a short trip from the airport to the hotel and $25.00 later we are settled in.

Now the problem is that I have no food for Blitz and the hotel will not let me leave him in his kennel alone in the room while I go to the store for some dog food.  I just ordered room service for Blitz and myself, tonight's menu is a cheeseburger for him and Whitefish for myself and a glass of wine.  Dinner should be around $80.00, sorry no discount for the cheeseburger platter minus the fries. 

So if you are keeping track I am over the $300.00 mark for a stay in Yellowknife.  Oh I should of told you that Cambridge Bay was experiencing clear blue skies this afternoon...cancelled due to weather?  I always try to look at the bright side of things and here it is:  I met a couple of people from CamBay that have been stuck in Yellowknife since last Thursday so I will be lucky if I am here for only one night. (crossing my fingers as I type this)  Also I truly love the rugged landscape of Yellowknife and after Blitz and I napped we had a nice walk.  Tonight after dinner we will relax, watch some TV, and just hang out with each other.

Now I ask everyone to dance and pray to the Cambridge Bay Weather Gods as Blitz and I want to go home.

Talk soon!

I think he is getting used to this hotel living
 What is he looking at?
Our view, not so much of one
Great $230.00 view of the rooftop
Out on a walk in YK
Watching a squirrel
Just enjoying the warm weather
Watching a couple of robins
View from the hotel grounds - notice the ice still on the lake
Just a small patch of snow (lower left)
Here it is up close - I guess I better get used to seeing snow again


  1. Yup, that is what it looks like here in AK, too. Hope you get home soon.

    1. Thanks Antje. I would love to visit Alaska someday, maybe a cruise.