Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blitz's Final Day in Lac du Bonnet

Today is the final in Lac du Bonnet and when we woke up this morning I thought it would be spent inside as it was raining.  Lucky for us the skies opened in the afternoon and it was another nice day here.  Blitz and I did the usual, he first headed straight into the water, then I had to play ball with him in the field so that he was dry enough to come inside.  While we were coming inside something caught his eye...SQUIRREL!  Not just one but two and boy did he give them a run for their money.  Blitz never did catch one but the whole neighbourhood knew that he had two squirrels up a tree.

Dad helped me with our barge order.  It is emailed and already confirmed that they got it - now all I have to do is wait until the Passage opens up to get it.  I love getting the barge order as it is like Christmas in the summer.  This is my first time doing it alone so I hope I didn't miss anything or screwed up things, only time will tell.

This evening we were invited to Bonnie and John's for a fine feast of salmon and veggies.  We stuck around for a couple of hours; talked and laughed, what a great couple.  Tonight I will look at some of mom & dad's pictures of their trip, hit the hay early as tomorrow I leave here in the morning.  Why in the morning you ask....I get a HAIRCUT!  Long overdue so I will get my money worth. ha ha  From there I need to do a bit of shopping, take Blitz for a run, be at the Canadian Animal Blood Bank at 5pm for him to donate and then it's off to dinner with friends at 6pm.

We will be staying at Sandy and Keith's this weekend, home of another girlfriend of Blitz's.  Should be a lot of fun or should I say interesting with the two of them.  On Sunday I head to my mom's in Carman to spend the week with her and my friend Angie.  Angie just became a grandma, 4th time around, so maybe I will get to see little Bentley.

Not sure when I will have another blog entry as mom does not have the Internet but Craig's dad helped me get my IPad connected so I might be able to work something out.

Talk soon!

It's raining and mom won't let me outside
Maybe I will just sit up here on the stairs
Or lay here by the door
Yay clear skies
Did I tell you I love the water?
Stealth Pointer as my friend Antje called him
So much to see...
Here he comes!
Hmmm wonder what's up the tree
Here's your answer
 Thanks Mom & Dad we had a great time here!


  1. The so much to see photograph is beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you, I do have a handsome model.