Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final Day in Carman

Today is our last full day at my mom's (aka Granny) and we have been busy taking her to Winkler and Winnipeg for some shopping and helping her out around the yard.  Blitz stayed in his kennel at Granny's all day on Tuesday while mom and I headed to Winnipeg to meet Craig's mom and dad and two other couples for lunch.  We went to Le Garage on Provencher and I would highly recommend going there for some eats.  I had the pickerel wrap with homemade fries, very yummy. 

I have been taking Blitz to our favorite spot to run in Carman just about everyday but yesterday he decided to go out for his own run.  He was doing so good at my mom's off leash until yesterday when a robin caught his eye and off he went, across the highway and into the University of Manitoba agriculture yard.  He totally knew he was a bad boy when he came ripping around the corner of a building and saw me.  He lowered his head and came to me very slowly and that was before I even said anything to him.  Mom lives very close to the highway and Blitz was very lucky no vehicle was coming by when he decided to head across. My heart was sure pounding but I tried very hard not to panic.   I was always taught to never punish a dog when he comes to you and I think my face and body language said it all to him.  So now he is grounded at Granny's house, on a leash every time he goes outside.  

Today is laundry day and I 'found' a connection in town by the Laundromat so I could do an entry.  After laundry is done mom and I will meet Angie for lunch and then do some separating and transplanting of some of mom's hostas that have got out of control.  I really miss yard work so I am more than willing to get my hands dirty.  I am sure that Blitz will get a run in some time today but will wait until after dinner as the temperatures are suppose to reach 26'c...I melt every time I think about it.  It is weird how your body adapts to climate.  I used to tease Craig when he come down from the north when I lived in Manitoba as he used to think that it was hot at 15'c and now I know how he feels.  Don't get me wrong I am lovin' the temps and I think Blitz and I will have a bit of shock when he arrive back in CamBay on Sunday.

Pictures of today are of Blitz (of course).

Talk soon!

My handsome boy amongst wild dill
Someone should tell him that Shorthairs point with their front leg not their back leg. 
Watching the birds with the help of an old tree stump
I pulled many of these off Blitz after he went through some bush.
Favorite spot to run, Carman Diversion
And we're off with a ball

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