Sunday, May 6, 2012


This weekend was spent with friends, both two legged and four legged.  Friday after leaving Lac du Bonnet my first stop was a much needed haircut, THANK YOU MIKE!  From there Blitz and I headed to the off leash park for a good run and playing ball.  Lost one ball right away in a gopher hole, that's one reason why I carry two.  After a good run we headed to our friends Sandy, Keith and Lexie's home, our place to hang our hats for the weekend.  We were on a right schedule this day as Blitz had an appointment at 5pm to donate blood for the third time and a dinner date with friends at 6pm at one of my favorite restaurants in town.  Needless to say we were a tiny bit late for dinner but once there dinner was great.  It was pleasure to finally meet Aleeza and I am glad that her and Les found the time to fit us into their schedule.  It was the first time that Sandy and Keith ate with chop sticks and by the time they were finished they were old pros at it. 

Yesterday Blitz spent the day with Keith and Lexie while Sandy and I meet Trish in Selkirk for a girls day of shopping, lunch and just hanging favorite thing to do with these two.  We headed over to Trish and Rod's home in East Selkirk to hang and look at all of Trish's plants and trees that are starting to come up and to see their crew of a dog and 3 cats.  One thing I really miss up north is having a large yard and gardens so I get my fill when I visit.  I am bringing up some geraniums and a couple more house plants for some much needed colour in my northern home.  On our way back home we picked up chicken for dinner and once we settled in Keith told me what a big ole baby Blitz was as his mommy was not there, poor baby boy.  haha

Today I head back to my mom's for the week and return here on Friday as I leave Manitoba on Saturday.  Until then...

Talk soon! 

Keith and Sandy
Donna and Mike
Aleeza and Les
Lexie laying in the mud
Blitz's other girlfriend Lexie
Sandy checking it out with Blitz
Mister Moe
Crazy Eddie
Grumpy Biggs
Orange Star
Pear Blossom


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