Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Great Day at Nana & Papa's

What a couple of relaxing days we had here in Lac du Bonnet, just what the doctor ordered.  I am feeling better today with not so much coughing and I think my voice is finally coming back. 

Blitz and I spend a few hours outside playing and taking pictures.  He was such a good boy while I put him in a sit/stay beside some cattails but as soon as a couple of ducks flew into the water beside him he dove right in.  Well that was the end of picture taking for a while as I completely lost control of him.  He was just so happy to be swimming again I just let him have some fun.  When he had enough, (if that's even possible) I took him to the field across the road to run and get dried.  He had much hunting to do and he just ran for the hell of it.

After he was kinda dried we headed back inside so that I could get the roast in the oven as we were having the neighbours, Bonnie and John over for dinner.  Once I got everything prepared for dinner we headed outside again and to Blitz's surprise Emma was outside also.  They haven't seen each other for about a year and they were so happy to play with each other again.  Blitz chased Emma and then Emma chased Blitz, well she tried as she is 5 years older than the boy.  Needless to say Blitz is very tired this evening and as I always say, "A tired dog is a happy dog" and Blitz is one happy dog tonight.

We had a great visit with Bonnie and John this evening and it is always nice to sit down with them to get caught up.  Talked to Craig and everyone back home is doing good.  Kinda missing him and the girls, that is until he tells me the temperature. ha ha 

Tomorrow Mom and Dad will head to Winnipeg for an appointment and Blitz and I will stay put and who knows what we will do.  I love these kind of holidays where they are no real plans, you just wake up and do whatever comes to you.

Talk soon!

Sitting so proud for his picture
Trying so hard to stay
Watching all of the ducks
Once a water dog always a water dog
Not sure what he was chasing
Good boy as he came back when I called him

Probably after field mice
My handsome boy
And one of his many southern 'girlfriends', Beautiful Emma
Let's play!
And the chase is on
Nana teasing Blitz with sounds from her IPad
The view I enjoy every day from the house
My new plants that I will take home with me...maybe even mom's very cool watering can. Shhhh don't tell her.

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