Monday, May 14, 2012

Nothing Like Home

After being delayed an hour in Yellowknife, one stop in Kugluktuk, Blitz and I finally made it home.  He was such a trooper today and was so well behaved at Yellowknife Airport.  Many people commented that he was such a good dog just laying there waiting patiently to be taken to into cargo.  Travelling in the north with a German Shorthaired Pointer sure gets you looks and comments as people mostly see northern type dogs.  One comment topped the cake today,  an employee from Yellowknife Airport actually asked me if I paint Blitz and he was serious.  At first I wasn't too sure what to say, should I be a smartie pants or should I just be polite.  I took the latter and said no he is a German Shorthaired Pointer, then he asked what is that.  After a deep breath I said you are looking at one.

We had a bit of a shock when we arrived as there was plenty of snow still around.  Actually there is more snow now compared to when we left.  The temperature is great, sitting around the -1'c mark but the skies are cloudy and foggy.  The temperature is easy to get used to, it will be the sunrise and sunset that will take me a bit.  The sun rose today at 2:22am and will set tonight at 23:31pm and on May 20th it will be up all day and stay this way until July 23rd when it will set for 45 minutes.

I will return to work tomorrow and I am thinking my desk will be full of paperwork to do.  Also DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) will arrive tomorrow for some meetings and dinner at our home on Wednesday.  Plus the Cambridge Bay Frolics started yesterday so who knows what events I will attend this year.  All together this will be a busy week but I'm also thinking a fun week.

Blitz was very happy to see his 'sisters' and his cat and I think they were all very happy to see him also.  Molly snuggled up to Blitz for a late afternoon nap, he had a great play with Hannah then all of us (except Mocha) went outside to take some pictures.

The pictures tonight are mostly of the amount of snow we have in our yard.

Talk soon!

Blitz & Molly having an afternoon nap - I think they missed each other.
Play time with Hannah
Amount of snow that was removed from our not so large driveway
Better view of it
Running in the snow on our deck
Miss Molly showing how much snow we have
"What are you digging?"
"I'm on the top of the world!"  (Our backyard snowbank)

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