Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Month Gone By...

Wow it's been a month since my last blog entry!  I have been extremely busy at work getting organized for our annual muskox harvest which starts on the 17th of this month.  The hunters fly out on Monday to spot how far the muskox are this year and I think I will join them for the ride.  From there they will start herding them closer if needed because travel time from the herd to the abattoir can only he one hour or less as per CFIA regulations.  Food safety is our number one concern whether it be muskox or Arctic char and we are closely regulated.

The harvest will last until March 5th this year as Stephane, Craig and I fly out on the 7th for the International Seafood Show in Boston.  I have never been to Boston so I am excited not only for the show but also to see the sites of this city.  From Boston we fly to Montreal to drop off Stephane so he can visit with his family and we head to Winnipeg for a couple of days.  We meet up again in Edmonton for a day before we fly back home.

This past week we had yet another storm day here in Cambridge Bay, I think that is close to number 12 this year.  Again today the winds have picked up and visibility is less than 1km.  Craig took the big truck to work this morning leaving me the little one to do errands, I didn't get past the driveway where I got stuck.  I couldn't go backwards so I put it in drive and put it back where I got it from.  Lucky for me Craig came home for lunch and drove me to do a bit of grocery shopping.

Speaking of shopping last weekend I was craving ribs for dinner so as soon as the Northern Store opened on Sunday we headed there to fill my shopping list.  I was very disappointed when they had none on the shelf so to pick up my mood we purchased a new dining room set. haha   We were looking at purchasing one through Costco, (free delivery!) but found one locally that we liked.  Now we have room for more than two people for dinner.  One big problem now is that there is no room for Mocha's scratching post at the window.  Being Craig's cat he made her a new one that will go in front of the other window and she loves it!

My amaryllis bloomed and they are a fantastic fire engine red - nice to have such a bright coloured flower in the house at this time of year.   I brought the bulb up with us the last time we were down south but didn't think it would survive as it went through cargo with a bunch of other stuff in the freezing cold.  So happy it survived, it's the little things in life that I appreciate.

Tonight we head over to Jim and Sheila's for dinner and hopefully the weather will break tomorrow so that we can take the dogs out for a run.

Talk soon!

 Mocha's new scratching post where she can sleep on the floor....
or hang out on top.

This is a typical look for Blitz when he is outside playing in the snow
As you can tell Molly hates this cold weather, you can often find her under a blanket somewhere in the house
Who's the queen of the castle?  That would be Hannah
Received this certificate in the mail this past week, Hannah is now retired after donating 25 times in her proud of her
Blitz meeting the neighbours dog for the first time
Now it's hard to keep him away
Lovely Arctic skies
This boat has been left on the ice
Sometimes it's hard to find our back door due to the snow
This is what it looks like on a mild storm day here in CamBay
Blitz is always lending a hand to help, this time it's the new dining set

Our new dining room set
Back lit amaryllis photographed in black and white
Now in colour

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