Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holidays Are Over

Tomorrow will be the first full week back to work and we are entering into another busy time year.  We start our annual muskox harvest on February 13th (give or take a day) and then we are off to Boston for the International Seafood Show a couple of days after the harvest.  The muskox harvest will last for approx. three weeks this year instead of two.  I am going to be on the other side of the fence this year as last year I worked at the abattoir and this year I am in the office helping Stephane organize the harvest.

We were closed between Christmas and New Years but I was in the office getting caught up from my leave and then I decided to paint my office.  I have been wanting to paint it for some time now but never had a spare moment to do so.  I picked the colour before looking at the name....Sea Fog, I thought it was perfect for the business I am in and where we live.  I printed some of my personal favorite pics, framed them and Craig helped me to put them up and I can now say the office feels like mine.

We had Sheila, Jim, Marg and Wayne over on New Years Eve to help us bring in 2012.  We didn't head out to the bay to watch the fireworks this year but could see them from our home.  The following morning we headed over to the Epp's home for a fantastic brunch and I must say that I think Marg is the queen of brunch.

With our Christmas money we decided to purchase a XBox 360 and Kinect and about 10 games in total.  We are just waiting for the arrival and hoping that this will help us keep active during the cold days as we purchased some dance and fitness games along with the regular favorites.

Not too much happening as it has been very cold up here and since we have been back I can't remember if there was a day that the temps were not in the -50'c with the wind.  The dogs are a little stir crazy at times but it is just too cold for them to be out for any length of time.  The sun will rise this week and I am hoping that it will be a clear day as I like to capture the moment.  The skies are still spectacular for a couple of hours mid day.

I am heading to Yellowknife sometime soon (I hope) as I had another injection of cortisone in my right wrist and the doctor up here confirmed it is carpal tunnel syndrome....great!  So after the couple of cortisone shots the next step is surgery.  Doctor up here said that it is about a three/four week recovery time but I think I will still go to work and do what I can as I just can't see myself taking all of that time off.  I would rather do it now then in the summer when we are all so much more active.

The first couple of pictures below are of my newly painted office and the remaining are...well self explanatory.

Talk soon!

 Newly painted office
Another view from the entrance
"Got Milk?"  (It is actually yogurt on her chin)
Jim & Sheila demonstrating how we dress to keep warm when temps hit -50'c with the wind.
And this is how Molly dresses: ear muffs, jacket and booties
And if none of these work you can just dance!  Yes that is Gary demonstrating the Two Step with Craig.

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