Monday, February 6, 2012

Looking for Muskox

Today I joined 3 of our hunters on a plane to start looking for muskox.  We went as far as Ferguson Bay then headed to Anderson Bay on the other side of Mt. Pelly.   We heard from our hunters before flying out that the muskox herds were far from CamBay and they were correct.  The first herd that we seen was by 30 Mile river system which is about a 30 minute plane ride from the town.  Since the herds are so far four of our hunters will be heading out on the land by snow machines on Wednesday where they will try to herd them closer.  They will camp out on the tundra for a few days, yes people they camp in tents in the middle of winter....Brrrrr

Going backwards, yesterday we took the dogs out onto the bay for a romp on the ice.  The weather didn't seem that cold but it obviously as as Molly received some frost bite on her belly.  All of the dogs were wearing their coats and I coated their feet with Vaseline for protection but she still got some frost bite.  I was more worried about her ears as they are so thin but it was her little jelly belly that got it.  The other two dogs were fine for the half hour we were out.

I just thought that I would share my day with you and some of the pictures that were taken on the plane today.

Talk soon!

My view of the inside of the plane

Our head hunter Colin and our plane

David, our head shooter coming off the plane

View from the plane

This is what the land looks like in the winter. 
Where does the sky meet the earth?

Mt. Pelly and Lady Pelly from a distance

Blitz looking pathetic - too funny!

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