Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Weekend

We started the weekend festivities a bit early as Blitz celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 9th.  Craig and I made some Carrot & Cheese Muffins for the dogs and they smelled good enough to eat.  I think Blitz partied too much as the following day he was hungover. ha ha

The temperatures turned for the better this weekend and I could finally get the dogs out for more than half and hour on Saturday.  The temperature was sitting around -18'c and the sun was out.  I took them to the golf course and the dogs had tons of fun running and hunting and we probably spent a good hour and a half there.  I came across some tracks while out and was thinking they were too big to be a dog's as they were twice as big as our dog's prints.  Our hunters mentioned this week that there is a pack of wolves close to town so it had me curious as to whether these were wolf tracks.  

Would of loved to spend more time outside but we were having Marg & Wayne and Sheila & Jim over for dinner. Everyone arrived around 5:30pm and we had a great evening with friends.  I actually thought a Valentine's dinner was in order so the night before we made, for the first time a red velvet cake.  Red velvet cake was our wedding cake and one of my favorites and it wasn't that hard to make.

Today I had a wonderful surprise, I received flowers from Craig.  Not just any flowers but fresh flowers.  See we do not have a florist up here so if you want flowers you have to get them flown in.  It's a great treat to have flowers in the house. 

Talk soon!

Blitz helping make his birthday muffins
The end result - dogs loved them

Blitz enjoying a good run
My 'bunny-hopping' yellow lab Hannah
Once a Shorthair Pointer always a Shorthair Pointer (noticed the point even when sitting)
I wished I had a tape measure for this paw print - likely a wolf print
Again doing a pointer thing - pointing at some raw hides
The table dressed for dinner and everyone got their own little Valentine treat

My Valentine's flowers from my Sweetie

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