Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ahhh A Day Off!

Well after 13 days of working some long hours I finally had a day off today.  Peter is the manager at the abattoir and he decided to take the day off from the harvest and I wasn't going to complain.  The harvest could be better but the muskox are far from town, we are up to 100 animals so far.  It would be nice to get to 200 even though our quota is 400 we would be happy with half that.  Tomorrow is again an early start for me at 7:30am where I meet the boys at the abattoir and then fill them up with gasoline.

For those of you who know me I really don't sleep in and I was up by 8:00 this morning doing stuff around the house as Craig slept.  We headed out onto the ice road which opened up about a week ago.  I wanted to take some pictures of the igloos that where made at the end of the road.  It was a beautiful sunny day here in the Bay but the temperature was cold and I see that this week will be the same.  We did bring the dogs with us and before we went on the ice road we took them for a bit of a run.  Needless to say all three of them have been fast asleep since we got home, just got up to eat and back down again.  

Not much to tell you this evening, just wanted to post some pictures of the boys and our day on the ice road.

Talk soon!

Me and the boys

Howard and Shawn waiting for gasoline
The line up for gasoline every morning
Colin our lead hunter
I think this is Shawn heading out
And they're off towards the sun
Darcy and George, a couple of our haulers
Colin and Stephen fixing a komatik
The always smiling Roy
Kyle another hauler
This sail boat is not going anywhere
Neither is this one
Many boats docked this winter
The largest boat at our main dock
Cool snow formations heading out on the ice road
The largest igloo made this past couple of weeks
Of course Craig had to explore
Another one
This one was a little different than the rest
A snow inukshuk
Fishing anyone?
The view from the igloos
One of our largest snow banks in town, this one is located on Okpik Street

A couple of trucks snowbound

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