Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Muskox Harvest 2012 is underway

Our annual muskox harvest was supposed to begin on the 17th but due to poor weather it was delayed by two days.  The next couple of days went well but again today the harvest wasn't a go due to poor visibility. I have been busy running around getting supplies for our hunters, haulers, our abattoir plus doing my normal duties at the plant...putting in 12 hour days, give or take.  My day starts at about 7:30am to fill the hunters/hauler's snowmachines with gasoline, then head to the abattoir to check with them to make sure they are ready to receive the muskox, then back to the plant, then back to the abattoir when the hunters return, then...well you get the idea.  I love harvest time, whether it be muskox or Arctic char, call me insane but I love the craziness of harvest time.

We started processing yesterday and the dogs had a treat tonight when I brought home muskox meat scraps for them.  I had their full attention as I cut and boiled the meat, they are not used to eating raw so their systems can not handle it but they sure can handle the cooked meat.  I even had the cat's attention.  In the end I ended up with 1/2 dozen large freezer bags and I will continue with this until the end of harvest.  We store the bags outside in an action packer - the best freezer ever!

Today I have included pictures from the harvest, starting with how the skies (sun) looked like the first day the guys went out on the land.

Talk soon!

Getting ready to head out
Shawn ready to go
Collin our lead hunter
Kevin checking his komatik
Kevin heading out
Coming back from the hunt
Cassandra watching them bring in the muskox
Another komatik full
 Shawn and Ronnie, a couple of our haulers

Abattoir workers
Busy abattoir
CFIA inspector doing the final check
Happy Shorthairs with a belly full of muskox

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