Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blizzard Gods are Dancing

We had another blizzard which started yesterday and has ended while I write this blog entry.  I didn't go into work today as the town was shut down but may go in this afternoon.  By the sound of it many of Nunavut communities got hit by this system as our head office in Rankin Inlet was closed yesterday and most likely today.

I booked an appointment to get another tattoo while we have a short stopover in Winnipeg.  I am going to the same studio that did my back piece, different artist but same place.  Ivy is a fantastic artist and I am so excited to get a tattoo from her.  You can check out her work at  As most of you know my back piece is of 'The Girls' paw prints so now it's Blitz's turn to get his paw on me.  I am planning on getting it on my right wrist with his name 'Ballroom Blitz' around it.  Today I am searching through the font website that Ivy sent me, picking out 3 of my favorite fonts. 

Today's pics are our view from one of our windows this morning and what the dogs do while we experience a blizzard.

Our view during the blizzard

This is what the Shorthairs do during the storm

And this is what Hannah does

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