Friday, March 9, 2012

Cape Cod

We arrived in Boston yesterday evening about 7pm and got settled in at the historic Boston Hilton in the Financial District.  Ordered room service and hit the sack around 11:30am as we were planning a road trip today as this is the one full free day here.  We realized that from Cambridge Bay to Boston we hit 7 cities/towns in 2 days.

I think I just found a new favorite vacation spot today...Cape Cod.  I always wanted to go here and now I can take it off my Bucket List.  The love the feel this place has, relaxed and comfortable like your favorite pair of jeans.   The drive from Boston to Cape Cod was scenic and beautiful and I would come back in a heartbeat.  I love the homes with their weathered cedar siding and the pop of colour some have on their front door or window trim. 

We headed to Hyannis Port, the place where the Kennedy's spent days in their vacation home.  Many shops and restaurants were closed for the season but we managed to eat lunch at the British Beer Company where we had a taste of England.  From there we crossed the street to visit the JFK Museum and then to the Korean War Memorial. 

Tomorrow is set up for the Boston International Seafood Show.  We meet Brian, our business advisor from NDC (Nunavut Development Corporation) around 10am where first we will register and then it's booth set up.  We are praying that our Arctic char made it to Boston as we will be displaying our char at our booth.  We should be completed around noon and from there Craig and I will visit the area around our hotel and do a bit of shopping.  Sunday through Tuesday are show days for us and Wednesday we leave for a short visit in Winnipeg. 

The pictures tonight are from Hyannis Port and Chatham - hope it gives you a feel of the area.

Talk soon!

Many boats along the shore in Hyannia Port 
So many boats to photograph... 

Private pier  
Another one 

Korean War Memorial 
JFK Museum in Hyannis Port
The Kennedy vacation home in Hyannis Port 
Craig enjoying the view 
The view from the Kennedy home
The beach by the Kennedy home
Some of the beautiful homes in Chatham 
Chatham boats at low tide

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