Saturday, March 17, 2012

Family, Friends and a New Tattoo!

We arrived in Winnipeg on Wednesday late afternoon, went to pick up our rental at Hertz and much to our surprise they did not have a vehicle for us.  Even though we reserved one a month and half ago!  We called our friends Sandy and Keith to come and pick us up and the following day we headed over to Hertz's competition to rent a vehicle of our choice.  Needless to say we will not be reserving a rental from them again. 

We laid low Wednesday with our friends and the following day we did a bit of shopping then off to dinner with Craig's parents and his sister and family.  I couldn't believe how tall Spencer was and yes he is much taller than I...surprised?  Reece has lost one of his front teeth and is also growing like a bad weed.  We had a nice dinner catching up with the boys and everyone else. 

Friday was the day of the new tattoo so Keith and Craig dropped off Sandy and I at the studio as they went off shopping for guitars.  I have this ugly scar on my right forearm and I decided it was time to try to cover it up and what better than Blitz's paw print.  He has large feet but it still wasn't quite big enough to cover the full scar but it is close.  Ivy, from Metamorphosis did a great job making sure the tattoo was exactly Blitz's paw print.  I must say that tattooing over scar tissue was special....very special!  I couldn't believe how much it hurt compared to my other tattoos but I toughed it out and in 2 1/2 hours it was completed and I love it!  It is still swollen and red today but I have been icing it and putting the cream on it when needed.  Thank you Sandy for "holding my hand" and of course Ivy for giving me a great tat.

After the tattoo the boys took us to Sargent Sundae for an ice cream cone and the weather had been so beautiful we sat outside and ate the ice cream.  From there we headed to my old place of employment, Birchwood Animal Hospital to say hello to everyone.  It was great to see my former boss Philipp, doctors and fellow co-workers.  We had a nice chat with everyone and then it was off again to get ready for dinner.

Friday night was dinner with friends at Tony Roma's.  It was great to see everyone again but missed a couple of them that couldn't make it.  Once finished some of us headed over to the Birley's for a few drinks and to watch the Jets game, or should I say watch the Jets win!  It was an exciting game and probably too much excitement for me as after everyone left I was spent so off to bed I went.  I was so tired I didn't notice right away that there was an Apple bag on my pillow.  Guess what Craig bought me?  That's right the new IPad 3, I guess he was tired of me using his IPad all of the time. ha ha  What a great surprise and I can't wait to open up the package.

Today we did our last load of laundry, went for a late breakfast with Sandy and Keith, returned our rental, finished packing and then headed to the airport.  The flight went smooth and we are now relaxing in our room after having a great steak dinner at Creations in the Sawridge Inn.

Tomorrow we spend the day hanging with my big bro Mike and our friend Michelle.  Can't wait to see them again.  My other brother and his family can not make the drive up from Airdrie but we will be thinking of them and wish they were here with us.

Monday we head back home to CamBay, picking up the dogs in Yellowknife on our way up.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my poor Blitz got kennel cough while in YK and now I am just praying that Molly doesn't get it.  They all received their vaccine for kennel cough in December but I guess it's just like our flu shot, doesn't always work. Molly has chronic bronchitis so that's all she needs, keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't get it.  The boy needs his mommy and soon he will be able to snuggle with me.  Missing all three of them and yes even the cat.  Will be good to go back home and get into a routine again.

Talk soon!

 Reece showing off his hockey trophy
 Mom, Dad and Craig
 Todd, Spencer, Laura and Reece
 The stencil and the beginning of the process
Ivy hurting me....I mean giving me some ink. haha
 Finished product!
 Craig having some fun at the tattoo studio
 Sandy not feeling left out in the fun
 Jillian and myself at dinner
 Trish and Rod
Sandy and Keith
The rest of the gang: Donna, Jillian, myself, Craig, Craig, Angela, Les, Mike

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