Sunday, March 25, 2012


There is a good reason why I haven't posted anything since we been back....both Blitz and I have been ill.  Blitz caught kennel cough while boarding in Yellowknife and his temperature rose to 40.2'C at one point and was vomiting.  Yesterday was the breaking point for him as his temperature is back to normal and no more vomiting.  I was quite worried especially after talking to his vet Jillian as she was worried about pneumonia.  So glad that he is just about back to normal, just a bit of coughing here and there.

As for me it started one day after our return to CamBay with a sore throat.  Then it went up into my head for a couple of days and now it's in my chest.  Maybe it was the recirculated air in the plane or maybe it was the many people you come in contact with while flying or maybe it's just sympathy cold for Blitz.  However I caught it I'm not liking it. 

I have been going to work every day since returning as March 31st is year-end for us and I had to get many things finished before then.  I have three more projects that need to finalized before the end of this week so no sick day for me until the second week of then I won't need a sick day.

The weather here has been sunny and cold with windchill still sitting around -40'c.  Good news is the sun is warm on the skin and the days are becoming longer with the sun rising about 6:30am and setting at 7:30pm.  I look forward to the day when the sun starts to melt the snow, unfortunately it  will be a couple more months.

So needless to say that I do not have much to report this time and only 3 pictures of the Shorthairs enjoying the warm Arctic sun.

Talk soon!

This is how it all started
Then Blitz felt the need to join in
And this is how it cute is that?!

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