Monday, March 12, 2012

Boston International Seafood Show - Days 1 and 2

Wow what a busy couple days here in Boston.  I have done trade shows in the past but this one is huge with companies from all over the world.  People are quite fascinated where we live, how we live, how do we get from CamBay to Boston, how cold does it get and how on earth do we fish in the Arctic.  I in return have many questions for them.  I have met people from of course Canada, United States, French Antilles, Iceland, Japan, China, etc etc etc.  I think the highlight so far was meeting Keith Ashfield, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and his entourages.  Very nice man and he said he was so proud of the Nunavut Fisheries...very cool.  Some of our supplies for the plant are at this show and I can now put a face to the names that I come to know.  Another highlight was from today while we were on the shuttle coming from the show to the hotel.  Clean Fish is the only company that we deal with in the States and there was a video playing in the shuttle where our company was one that was featured.  It was amazing to see some of the employees on this video and I can't wait to tell them all about it when we return.
There are 3 fisheries under the NDC name that share the booth, Pangnirtung Fisheries, Kivaliq Arctic Foods and Kitikmeot Foods Ltd.  It is nice to meet the managers from the other companies to share stories and ideas.  We all went for dinner last night and get to know each other a wee bit better.  The managers from Kivaliq Arctic Foods, Brian and Vivian will soon retire so it is kinda sad as I just met this couple and now they are leaving.  I finally met Brian's (from NDC) wife, Maggie and really enjoy talking to her.  Gordon is the production manager from Pang which is a very large fishery so I love hearing the stories of his plant.
Tomorrow is the final day and the show ends at 3pm so we might be able to get more shopping done.  Not sure what I am looking for just want to do some shopping. 

Pictures tonight are of the show and I will try to post more tomorrow.

Talk soon!

Craig, Vivian and Brian
Craig, myself and Brian
Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (6th from the left) and his  entourages.
Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada on your far left.
The Shrimpster!
Another creative booth at the show
 Are we back in the Arctic?  I've never seen so many polar bears!
 Part of our cooler display
Another part of it
 The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum - too bad it was closed for renovations.
Not used to all this traffic

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