Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Final Day in Boston

The Boston International Seafood Show 2012 came to a close today at 3pm.  It was my pleasure meeting some of the people that work in our sister companies and of course meeting people from around the world.  I will take home wonderful memories of this historic city and hope one day I will return.

After tear down Craig and I decided to take a taxi to one of the box store malls here in Boston, about a 20 minute taxi drive.  We finished our last minute shopping and headed back via cab.  While riding back our cabbie received a phone call from his wife stating that the Hilton was on fire....HILTON THAT'S THE HOTEL WE ARE STAYING IN.  After searching for the news on my Blackberry it was not our Hilton but the one in Back Bay and it was actually not the Hilton but the garage next to it.  That area of Boston had no power or had limited power due to this four alarm fire and some of the guests from that Hilton ended up in ours.  No injuries reported the last time I looked.

We ended our evening with a bang here in Boston when Craig was asked to join the couple of guys singing & playing at Mr. Dooley's Irish Pub located just down the street from our hotel.  Stephane and I couldn't believe our eyes when Craig ended up on stage as he told us he was going to the bathroom.  He did one song and his captured audience cheered him on...might of been the Guinness. haha

We are packed and ready for bed as 6am will come early.  We head to Montreal first and then to Winnipeg for a couple days of visiting with family and friends.  Thursday evening is family dinner at Boston Pizza, Friday at 11am I get another tattoo and then Friday night is booked for a get together with friends at Tony Roma's.   Saturday we start our trek back to Edmonton for a couple of days where I am hoping to see my brothers, then it's Yellowknife to pick up the dogs and then back home. 

Tonights pics are more of the show and one of Craig on stage.  (sorry pic is not great of Craig as I took it with my Blackberry)

Talk soon!

 Brian and Brian.  One on the left is my accounting guru from NDC and the other Brian is the manager from the Rankin Inlet plant.
The crew, Maggie (Brian Z. wife), Brian Z., Vivian, office manager from Rankin and Brian S. wife, Craig and Brian S.  Confused yet?   Missing is Gordon from Pang fisheries.
Just a small portion of the show
View from the other side of the walkway
Craig having a blast at Mr. Dooley's Irish Pub

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