Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Storm Stayed

We are on day number 3 of a blizzard and today is the worse day.  I wouldn't mind so much but we were scheduled to fly out of here on Monday.  It is so bad today that Craig didn't make it to work and the town is on a shut down, lucky for us we had water delivered yesterday.  Blizzards up here are very different than down south, I guess mainly because there are no trees for shelter and the winds are gusting to 90kms.  We are hoping to leave tomorrow afternoon for our holiday and we are keeping a close eye on the weather.   Craig pulled up this system on the Internet and the satellite shows it is hitting not only all of Nunavut but Northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. 

I have included three videos today, two of the storm and one of what Hannah & Blitz do to keep themselves busy during storm days.  My apologies as one video is sideways and I can not figure out how to rotate it but you get the jest of how stormy it is here.

Talk soon!

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