Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in The Bay

Christmas in Cambridge Bay is really no different than being in Manitoba.  Christmas Eve we decided to go to church.  We have never been to the Catholic Church here, from the outside it looks like any other building in town but once you walk in it turned out to be a quaint little church.  There are Inuit influences in the church, the curtains are hung by fishing spears or Kakivak, the nativity scene was in an igloo, there is a seal skin hanging on the wall with a cross shaved in it.  Also against a wall is this amazing stained glass window from the previous church's window.  Our friend Vicki is in charge of the service and she does an amazing job making everyone feel welcome.  There were about 2 dozen parishioners in the church that evening and it filled the church and we knew mostly everyone there.  A perfect evening with some residents made for a perfect Christmas Eve.

After church we drove around town and took some pictures of the Christmas lights here in town.  You would be surprised how many houses decorate not only the inside but also the outside of their homes.

We came home, got ready for bed as Santa was coming that night.  Craig was up early Christmas day and I about an hour later.  We did our calls to wish our 'southern' family Merry Christmas before opening our gifts.  We didn't decorate our home this year, we just seemed rush from coming home less than a week before the big day.  Christmas Day was relaxing and absolutely no stress.  We headed over to Jim and Sheila's home around 3:30pm for a traditional dinner and stuffed was a good word for everyone after we ate.  Santa left a present at our home for the Epps and Conroys, a poker table top so we had to break it in after we ate.  We usually play for $20.00 each (I know big spenders) but last night we played for fun and Sheila was the first one out and I not long after her, in the end Jim won the big prize.  Well he would of won the big prize if there was one.  It was a great day spent with some good friends here in Cambridge Bay.

Today both Craig and I headed to work, I only worked half a day while Craig has to work a full day.  The plant is closed this week but I needed to go in and play catch-up for a fresh start for 2012. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we will talk in 2012.

Talk soon!

The alter at the Catholic Church

Stain glass window from the old church
 Seal skin shaved into a cross
 One of many houses in CamBay decorated for the holidays, check out the igloo with lights on it
Another beautiful decorated house
Jim - turkey guru
Christmas table
Our hosts Sheila and Jim
Marg looking cute as ever
Playing on the poker table that Santa gave everyone
Our Christmas present from The Medwids
Molly really enjoys the blanket from her cousins Emma & Kristen.  I don't have the heart to tell her it's not hers.

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