Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shock to the System

On Sunday we spent a great afternoon with my brothers, sis-in-law Laura and our friend Michelle, we just hung out in our hotel room and got caught up.  After everyone left we ordered some much needed Vietnamese food, thanks for the tip Mike the soup was amazing!  Since moving up here I have seen my siblings more than ever and I love it.  The following day was a shop til you drop day in Edmonton.  First stop was of course Ikea where we purchases a few items for the house.  One day we will shop for more larger items and ship up here as Ikea does not deliver to the high Arctic.  We got most of our shopping done except I couldn't find a pair of hikers that I liked and a new winter coat, might have to do some on line shopping.  That evening Craig took the two action packers to First Air Cargo in Edmonton to have them ship up here instead of us lugging them around.  He also brought the kennels to storage at the airport to save us time in the morning putting them together.

I was awake at 3am on Tuesday and Craig was an hour behind, I hate those nights where you have to get up early to catch a flight but wake up too early and then can't get back to sleep.  We were at Edmonton International Airport around 6am as we need about 2 hours to check in with all three dogs, our flight was 8:10am.  CTV News was there and we were filmed for that evening's news, kinda cool.  Everything went smoothly for us while checking in the dogs, I always have this fear that they will leave one behind. 

It was a bit of a shock, OK a big shock when we landed in CamBay as Edmonton was +6'c the day we left and our little village was a cool -45'c and a lot of snow on the ground.  I don't think I am used to the cold yet, it may be a couple more days until my body adjusts.  Cambridge Bay has experienced 6 blizzards so far this year and the large snow banks in town are proof. 

Both of us returned to work, Craig the day we arrived back and I the following day.  I had a foot high pile of mail to go through and it will take me a few days before things get back to normal at work.  The plant is closed all of next week but I will be heading in for some catch up.  I am hoping to get my office painted during this time also - I will be the only one at work so it will be quiet for me to get everything completed before the new year.

Christmas is this weekend and Craig will be working a full day on Christmas Eve and we are planning to head to mass at 8:00pm.  Christmas day will be spent with our friends Jim, Sheila and Marg (not sure if anyone else is attending) and I am so happy that Christmas falls on a Sunday this year as Craig doesn't have to work.

My wish to every one of my blog followers is that you all have a safe & wonderful holiday and that you spend it with the ones you love.  For us we will be thinking about our family and friends in the south and wish that we could be with everyone both here and back home.  For the ones we can not be with during this holiday season we will keep you close to our hearts.

Talk soon! 

Mike, Michelle and Craig hanging out

 Craig, Laura and Bob
 I love the skies this time of the year - this one was taken just after 12 o'clock noon
 This boat is staying in the bay over winter
Lots of large snow banks around town after 6 blizzards - picture taken around noon
Another one that is as tall as the houses
 Our home looking very chilly
 Craig and Molly watching the Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens play - both dressed for the occasion

 My three new plants I brought up with me, spathiphyllum, money tree and our little Christmas tree

 The first time I seen this at the local Northern Store I couldn't stop laughing - once you stop laughing check out the price
Look very closely you might be able to spot Santa at the Northern Store

Saving the best until last...Molly's new ear muffs we purchased for her when we were in Manitoba

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