Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final Leg

We left Lac du Bonnet sad as our stay with Craig’s parents just didn’t seem long enough, heck Mom and I didn't get to play Scrabble the old fashion way.  I love this area with its large rocks, trees and water; you don’t realize how much you miss things until they are gone.  Yeah we have large rocks and water in Cambridge Bay but I guess when the trees are missing out of the picture everything looks different.  The drive to Winnipeg was a bit hairy as there were plenty of icy roads but we made it. 

We arrived in Winnipeg early Wednesday morning as we had a lot of shopping to do and this was one of our only days.  Unfortunately we did not get everything done so hopefully we will finish our “want list” tomorrow or next week in Edmonton. We stopped by The Forks to see my friend Jean, it was great to have coffee with her and to catch up.  I met Jean during my days at the animal shelter where her and her son Dillon volunteered and we remained friends.

Our first day in Carman was a laundry day and that evening Mom cooked a turkey for us for dinner.  She had all of the trimmings and to top it off she made her homemade stuffing, she makes the best stuffing on this earth.  That evening we all played a few rounds of Rummy before calling it a night.

Friday, my long time friend Angie came over for a visit, we supplied the coffee and she brought the donuts.  Angie is a friend whom I have known for over 30 years, we went to school together in Carman and remained friends after all these years.  Every time I see her it's like coming home, nothing has changed between us.  In the afternoon we headed over to Winkler with Mom for a bit of shopping and lunch.  That evening she went to her weekly Bingo night with the ladies while Craig and I packed.

We headed out of Carman yesterday morning by 7:30am and arrived here in Edmonton about 8pm.  After ordering room service we headed to bed.  Today my brother Bob and his wife Laura are driving up from Airdrie and my other brother Mike and our friend Michelle will be meeting us for the day.  Not sure what we are doing, it will just be good to see everyone again.

Everything seemed rushed this trip and we wished we could of seen a couple more friends one last time before we headed out; you know who you are.   I cherish our family and friends and hold each and every one of you close to my heart.  I think that is how I survive each day, knowing that even though I don’t see some of my friends daily,  I know that they will always be there. 

Talk soon!

The LeBleu Homestead in Lac du Bonnet

Blitz and Molly trying to stay still for a picture
How cute is she?
 Where's Blitz?
Coca-Cola Falls near the in-laws
 The view across the falls
My friend Jean and I
The Forks
Canadian Museum for Human Rights under construction.
 The Johnston Terminal at The Forks
 The skating rink at The Forks
 Do you think Molly and Blitz were happy to see Hannah?
My long time friend Angie and I
 Molly and Hannah found their place in the hotel in Edmonton
And Blitz found his...

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