Monday, December 12, 2011

We Arrived Safe and Sound

Well after a few days of delays we finally made it out of Cambridge Bay and landed in Edmonton late on Thursday night.  After some organizing of the rental vehicle, kennels, luggage and dogs we were exhausted and headed to bed as we had an early rise the following day.  I was feeling a bit under the weather and was glad to rest my head that night.  I come down with some kind of stomach flu that lasted the following day so Craig ended up driving the full 14 hours from Edmonton to Winnipeg.  We arrived in Carman about 11:30 that night and visited with my mom for about an hour before all of us called it a night.  We were all very happy to see Granny.

We still kept our plans to head into the city, a day late mind you, to meet up with some of our friends for Chinese food.  Unfortunately Judy, Mark, Mike, Donna and Les couldn't make it.  Before dinner Craig and Keith headed out to purchase Craig's Christmas present from Mrs. Clause,  a new guitar.  Meanwhile Sandy and I went to a jewelry store for my present from Santa, some bling for my ears. After dinner we ended up at Sandy and Keith's home for some holiday cheer.  We spent the night there and in the morning went out for breakfast.  From there we picked up the Shorthairs at the kennel, did a quick shop then headed over to Les' home for a quick visit before heading over to Craig's sister's for dinner.  We had a nice visit with everyone and Craig got to see Reece play some hockey.  We arrived in Lac du Bonnet that evening for a few days of relaxing before we head over to my mom's.  Tonight John and Bonnie, the neighbours, come over for dinner, drinks and wonderful conversations.  It was really nice to see them again.

We are in Winnipeg tomorrow for our re-scheduled appointments due to our delay of arrival in Manitoba.  So tomorrow it's dentist for us and vet appointment for Molly, re-checking her ticker and then do a bit of shopping before our much needed haircuts then back for one final stay with Craig's parents. 

My next entry will likely be from Edmonton where I am hoping to see both of my brothers and sis-in-law and maybe even Michelle.  Very sad that our neice Kristen can not make it but we understand a girl has to work.

Talk soon!

 Sunset somewhere in Saskatchewan
Another view of it while driving

Dinner with some of our Manitoba friends

My ear bling

One happy camper

Keith and Craig playing us a tune
Lexie laying in front of the 'fireplace'
Molly and Blitz laying in front of the real thing

Reece, Spencer and Papa watching a Christmas movie

Todd showing off his season tickets for the Winnipeg Jets

Blitz enjoying a morning run in Lac du Bonnet

Dinner with the neighbours, from left to right: Craig, Mom, John, Bonnie and Dad
Dad fixing the angel on top of the tree with John and Craig's help

Mom fixing the decorations after the angel fixing

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