Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blizzard = No Work

There has been a blizzard warning out since yesterday and it finally arrived this afternoon.  When the Hamlet Office shuts down so do we as we depend on sewer and water daily.  At 2:00pm our time there weren't too many businesses still operating.  This blizzard doesn't seem like a huge one as I can still see some of the houses down our street. 

Craig will be staying at the Site tonight so I will have to depend on the other man in my life to protect me....Blitz.  When Craig is not home he is always on high alert getting up, growling and barking at every little noise outside. When it first happened it kinda freaked me out but now I am used to him and his guard dog attitude.  Deep down he is a real momma's boy.

I will get my jammies on early, snuggle on the couch with the dogs & a blankie and watch some TV tonight.  Maybe even eat a bowl of popcorn all by myself....life it good!

Talk soon!

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