Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Starvation Cove

So here I sit at my computer desk with a cup of hot steaming green tea, a box of Kleenex, a garbage can beside me to discard the Kleenex, some cold medication and the Shorthairs laying beside me.  Yes you guessed it I have a cold.  I really dislike colds in the summer months, mind you I hate having a cold any time of year.  My throat felt a little off a few days ago but I thought maybe allergies as it is so dusty up here.  It sometimes feels like a desert.  Today I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn't allergies and  threw my hands up in the air and surrendered to The Cold.  I am hoping it is short lived as I fly out of here on Monday and I really dislike colds when flying.  I am heading to Yellowknife for medical, you see we only have a Health Centre here and are limited to what is available.  They (the doctor and nurse) decided to fly me out to have some physio on my ankle/leg as it is still bruised, swollen and hurts at times.  Remember this 'accident' happened in June.  So the kind government of Nunavut is flipping the bill for the flight (I only have to pay $250.00 return flight) and my hotel stay for one week.  I fly out on Monday, have physio Tuesday to Thursday and return back on Friday.  My appointments are in the morning so I will have all afternoon to shop shop shop.  I will keep you all posted on my progress.

August long weekend was the last long weekend of freedom for Craig as he was called back to the North Warning System Site and they work Monday to Saturday including holidays.  The lead hand up there retired so Craig was the first one on the list to call.  He had to make some tough decisions as he was starting to like his Saturdays off but when he weighed the pros and cons the pros won.  We made the best of the weekend quadding everyday.  We made plans with Marg and her husband Wayne to head to Starvation Cove.  I have never been and it took about 2 1/2 hours of quadding time to arrive at our destination.  It was a spectacular drive except when we hit the river at high tide.  YIKES!!!  Marg and Wayne were already across when Craig and I arrived so I made Craig go first, you know if he didn't make it why should I bother. ha ha  I had some instructions from Marg before our trip and she mentioned a few times if we hit the river at high tide LIFT YOUR LEGS!!!  Yeah I forgot.  I was so nervous about going across I totally forgot to lift them up and then wondered why do my legs feel so wet.  You could say I was wet from my knees down but lucky no water really got into my boots.  The pictures of us crossing the river are courtesy of Marg and Wayne.

By the time we hit another smaller river I was dry so I thought I better get myself wet again.  I was a little chicken to go across the second river so I decided to find a lower spot and just drive across it.  Well the low spot ended up being a very low spot as my quad, camera gear and I started to sink on my left hand side.  LOVE my Pelican Case, I don't leave home without it.  I stayed on the quad (couldn't leave my camera gear) and Craig and Wayne with the help of Marg's quad got me out.  It was actually alot of fun getting stuck but because the quad sunk so did my legs, needless to say I got really soaked this time.  So wet were my pant and boots that once we arrived at Starvation Cove I took off my pants, boots and socks and stayed in my tights for the rest of the day. 

Starvation Cove is the great little hide away that is only accessible by boat or quad.  Legend has it that some Inuit came to the cove to hunt for muskox and caribou and starved to death as there were not one to be had. We packed some muskox burgers, hot dogs and treats for lunch and thank God we did as we also did not see any muskox or caribou.  Thanks Wayne for starting the fire and for cooking the burgers and hot dogs.  Upon our arrival we met up with Doris, Nicole and Andy who arrived about 1/2 hour before us.  Soon after Doug, Anna and crew came by boat and Bella and Karen and their kids arrived by quad.  We stayed for the afternoon and then headed back home at low tide.  It was a spectacular drive home as we could drive the quads along the sand covered beaches.  At the river we headed up to Augusta Hills and then back down by the ocean. 

This past Tuesday was the memorial service for our friend Monique who passed away in May.  She wanted it to be more of a celebration of her life and if anyone knew Monique there would be no religious ceremony.  Before her death she planned her celebration and she went out with a bang.  Craig and I were honoured to be asked to do the food for the service and we ordered in Monique's favorite finger foods from M & M Meat Shops and I made some of her favorite dips that I sometimes brought over to her home.  The service was held at the Elks Lodge and she made sure that everyone had a drink or two on her.  Thursday family and some of her friends either flew or boated to Bathurst Inlet with the remains of Monique to lay her to rest at one of her favorite places on this earth and Doris' childhood home.  Rest in Peace my friend it was a pleasure to know you.

The weather had been really nice up to today when the skies turned to clouds and the temperatures dropped.  It feels like a late prairie fall and the days are starting to become shorter.  It is really hard to find flowers any more as most have lost their petals and gone to seed as another season is close to an end.  It will not be long before the snow falls so I will have to soak in all of the vitamin D that I can.

Pictures today are mostly from Starvation Cove with a couple at the end of the 'boys' fishing and of course of our canine companions.

Talk soon!

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