Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arctic Flowers

I am still amazed at the flowers and grasses that grow in the Arctic.  On some hill sides the ground is covered in Purple Mountain Saxifrage and it looks like a sea of purple.  They are bright coloured and plenty in amounts and also varieties.  These plants grow in permafrost which is rock or soil that remains frozen all year.  Their growing period is short-lived usually only lasts about 2-3 weeks so I had to get out as much as possible to get pictures of these beauties.  Most of the flowers are about the size of a nickel or dime and sometimes even smaller and they all grow very low to the ground.  Some of the pictures are deceiving as they may look tall and large but they are not.  I have not identified many of these flowers so if any of you know what they are please feel free to email me.  Also please let me know if I identified any plant wrong.  I would love to get my hands on a plant book for the Arctic region, if you know of one...well you know what do to. 

I am sitting in a motel room in Yellowknife tonight doing the blog as I am here on medical.  I finally found out what is wrong with my ankle.  After seeing doctors, specialists, technicians and therapists they have all come to the conclusion (after looking at the CT scan) that I had torn and ruptured some ligaments/tendons in the ankle.  I am now the proud owner of a big ole boot that I have to wear for ??? I had never had such fast service in a hospital in my life especially seeing an orthopedic specialist and getting a CT scan done the same day.  I was told that 'Northern Folk' are pushed through the system fast as we are usually only in town for a short time.  I feel kinda bad for the people who have to wait months for a CT scan or to see a specialist, I guess there are advantages of living in the Arctic.  I thought I would have plenty of time to do sight-seeing, shopping and seeing a couple of people I know here (sorry Simone) but I have been spending most of the day at the hospital and then I am spent at night.  I hopefully only have one or two appointments on Thursday as I hope to see our sales rep for the plant, Jack.  I have talked to Jack many many times so it will be nice to put a face to the person I talk to daily.

Craig is having all of the fun back home as the first barge came in last weekend and our two crates were delivered today on our driveway.  I asked Craig to take some pictures of them so once back home I will share them with you.  It was alot of work for him to unload the crates by himself and I wish I was there to help him out but I know there will be re-organizing when I return...have you met me? haha  I do have pictures of the three barges docked but not on the laptop so you all will have to wait until I return to CamBay.  I can't remember everything that we purchased except for a year supply of toilet paper and kitty litter, should be interesting.

I am missing everyone back home, I feel like I should keep on going south to visit family and friends but Friday I head back to Cambridge Bay to my husband, my babies (dogs), friends, work and the land that I have grown to love.  Tonight's flower pictures are dedicated to my friend Trish back in Manitoba whom I know will appreciate seeing the Arctic Flowers and may even know the names of a couple.

Talk soon!

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