Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Day to Fly

Friday was a great day for getting into a float plane and checking out two of our fishing camps.  It was the first time that I been on a float plane and I think I am hooked!  Our pilot James was a fantastic pilot and I loved that we flew low to the ground.  Not sure how high we were but you can get an idea from the pictures tonight.  Besides our pilot, Stephane and two of our contracted fishermen Andy and Johnny joined in for the ride.  Stephane and I wanted to get an idea of what the fishermen need for this year and we needed to check out Ekalluk River.

We flew above the sand covered beaches then James turned a bit to head to Halovik River, also called 30 Mile River.  The landing was smooth and once landed we got off the plane to check out the camp.  The camp was clean and had a one room cabin for the fishermen.  The cabin is pretty old so the plan is to get some funding for the fishermen to build a new cabin.  May not happen this year but hopefully next year.  The view was peaceful and you could hear the water rushing by.  I am still amazed how clear and clean the Arctic waters are and how blue the skies are.

From there we flew to Ekalluk River where James flew over and around the small island camp for us to get a better aerial view.  James was very accommodating to us and flew a few times around the camp.  We also have another camp upstream, it will not be used any longer so it will be destroyed and cleaned.  Some of the other cabins on the camp island will also be torn down as they are old and falling down.  James did a great job landing in a very difficult, rocky and low area.  The dock was not in the river and since I did not have any high rubber boots on I was voted to stay on the plane while the men checked out the site.  I was perfectly fine with this decision.

Once done at both rivers we took the scenic route home, like there is not a scenic route in the Arctic! I knew this land was wonderful but seeing it from the skies gave me another appreciation for this vast beautiful land I now call home.  Once closer to Cambridge James told me that he had a treat for me, he was going to fly close to the coast guard ship, Sir Wilfred Laurier, for me to get some pictures of it. We had a fantastic day and the weather couldn't of been better for my first float plane ride.

Jim and Sheila knew that the dogs rip up their feet on the rocky tundra ground so they actually found a grassy spot that has a lack-of-rocks pond for the dogs to swim.  So Saturday Sheila, myself, Molly and Blitz headed to the spot.  We left Hannah at home as she is still a bit painful from the previous romp.  It's a great grassy spot with really no rocks to speak of so we spent a good couple of hours there enjoying the shorthairs and the company of each other.

On my way home I saw Les who is in from Winnipeg and who works for Department of Fisheries & Oceans as a Field Biologist.  He comes up here to do research on the Arctic char and we collect samples for him for his studies.   We were heading over to Jim and Sheila's home for game night and we invited him to join in on the fun.  Jim, Sheila, Marg, Craig, Les and I played some 65 and then Texas holdem.  We each put in 20 bucks for poker, well actually Craig paid for himself, Marg and I; Jim paid for Sheila and himself and I paid for Les. It didn't really matter who paid for who as in the end Jim took first place and I took second and we all had a great time.

Sunday Craig took Marg, Sheila and Jim for a boat ride and do a little fishing.  Oh yeah, we bought a fishing boat with a trailer and motor.  I decided to stay home as I had many pictures to edit and I still needed to pack for my Yellowknife trip.  They had a blast and all came home with some fish in hand.  Tomorrow is my first appointment for physio and I am hoping that things go well. 

Don't know what happened with the pictures tonight, the first two pictures are suppose to be the last two and I do not know how to correct it.  My apologies for the mix up.

Talk soon!

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