Monday, August 15, 2011

Our pilot James and Stephane
The cockpit of our float plane
One of the many little islands along the way, notice all of the ocean currents?
 View of the Arctic by air, many shades of blue and green waters
Water is so clear you can see the sand and rocks under the waters
Not too sure what this formation is but from the air it looked like a mud slide
This is the river that we crossed by quad when we went to Starvation Cove
Our plane docked at Halovik River
Sun shining brightly at Halovik River
Fishermen camp at Halovik River
 The walls inside the cabin had all of the fishing data dating back a few years
The camp at Ekalluk River
Another view of the camp at Ekalluk
Wonderful views at Ekalluk River
 Another view from the plane on the river
Can you spot the two roads that are on the tundra?
 The North Warning System site from the air
Cambridge Bay and the Coast Guard from the plane

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